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RT @Dhavidote: Timaya was reportedly paid $105,000 for his performance at the renewed hope concert? No wonder😂😂
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RT @SlimyPorko: i can’t hear properly the rest of the conversation but he said: “then poland and spain i hope”
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@Welovelamar Smfh, I hope this is a lie😭
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RT @skip4D: at long last..... 🔥 ✨ MY CHIBI BASE IS FINALLY HERE!! ✨ 🔥 🌱 PC & Quest 🌱 Over 88 meshes to mix n match with! 🌱 Mak…
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RT @mello5k: “ I hope so “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Postponed till Wednesday ~ hope u all have a good weekend lovelies
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RT @BANGCHAN_INTL: [💌] Let's send Chan loving, appreciating and kind messages in bbl and community 🫶🏻. Just to let him know we love hi…
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@ulManAboutTown @AYSSPORTS When we actually pitch a starter and not take a pitcher out every single inning, you’re…
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RT @Spriter99880: Taliban Information Minister: We are closely watching the elections in Turkey and hope that the elections will be f…
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Today at Arsenal, and 85% of the season, was full of hope and happiness. From the celebration of Zinchenko, Saliba…
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I hope Mase stays
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i hope my neighbors don’t think i’m too mental when i have heard you’re losing me literally thousand times already
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Once this is all done, I hope @LPDonovan does an episode entitled "Why Everyone Else you Listened to About the Debt Limit was Wrong"
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@carolynwiger @itsyamilpr @CarsonGarrett_ Love you 3!! You made this my favorite season of Survivor. I hope…
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RT @Egi_nupe_: I hope he speaks senses to his supporters on that Space that any form of protest tomorrow is unwise and maybe considered unlawful.
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Or (ii) the league goes easy with this year's regulations (unlikely because newly promoted clubs have already been…
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ref sheet for my sona redesign, finally done ^^ hope you guys like em :3c
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