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RT @Ninja0179048354: In all negotiations with all Countries, this person's Honesty must be taken into account. India's progress will be…
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RT @StephanSpeaks: Whether it is friendships, relationships, or marriages; the foundations should all include, effective communication…
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@AllisterHeath Another left wing activist according to you: Max Hastings. Since when was expecting honesty and inte…
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@uenoyamalvr I respect your honesty
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RT @BATitaniumMan: We need to stop flirting with fascism and quit pretending that the rhetoric and behaviour spewing from people like…
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RT @_i0n: The local elections are an opportunity to send a message to Starmer. We don't like your empty words or your broken…
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Loyalty, Honesty & Morals
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@sadrushii It's very weird and then if you point out that they've surgery people start saying you're sexist. But li…
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@DailyCaller She always thought that way. The whole mentality is based on people believing they have the power to c…
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Stop giving me a hard time Livin' in a world without you I'll remember you (俺に絡まないでくれ あなたがいない世界で あなたを思い出す) 【Honesty】
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RT @patgagnon_75: There's a reason why Pierre Poilievre has no problems intentionally misleading you. The words honesty and integrity…
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Check out Sweet Honesty
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RT @YesCymru: A fascinating read by new @NationCymru Associate Editor, @ShiptonMartin. The long and the short of it is, no matte…
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RT @Dr_Yajii: @ykaile @DavidTitiloye So if a BAT who is a minority from the south can be on the ticket, then why would a minority…
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@intergeri @salltweets @GeeEeePee1 @Serena_Partrick So you admit you dont understand the point? Thanks for that hon…
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RT @ivamshikrishna_: Seven principles of public life:- 1.selflessness 2. Integrity 3. Honesty 4.leadership 5.objectivity 6.accountability 7.openess
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I see how overly positive thought patterns contradict pure honesty
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I appreciate the honesty, but can we stop acting like recent releases from the rapline are some crazy experimental…
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@SimonCalder Please please please keep calling this out Simon. If you’re silenced there is no other route for honesty.
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