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RT @najihahshahrel: Its true. Having the right partner means you can talk about anything, regardless of how sensitive, embarrassing t…
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@MelonieMac Honestly if I had a girlfriend and the worst she did was eat butter in public, I’d consider that a bles…
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RT @soloistjayb: the change of emotions and tone while singing these lines throughout the song is honestly giving me goosebumps…his…
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@kommandant21 Honestly I always forget mourinho beat them in the final ahahah. To be fair to Caixinha, he signed Mo…
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@CRC_RobinMyers @CRC_Noah I was wondering what our mascot looked like. And this is honestly not what I expected… bu…
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@snakel3t Honestly I just ignore people like that they either get the message or don’t lol
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RT @iamatittynow: CROCHET CHAINSAW MAN COSPLAY 🤭 50 hours of work + single crochets + 2.5mm hook = a nightmare 😭💓 This was honestly t…
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Davina told her honestly. Not sure what to do. Or how to fix it yet.
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honestly i’m a little hurt but it’s gon be ok .
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in case someone would like to join, here's the link to my circle @ life. i honestly don't know if it works cuz the…
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RT @Barcelenaa: @Cruci0___ Exactly. Like I love the new stands we’re gonna get and the way it looks on the outside, but I despise t…
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RT @arthurianmaiden: But i honestly love that this is hard to do for mha class a
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Honestly snowfall can’t compare to the wire
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RT @Maria_Mouskos: Honestly, Nevermind season is upon us .
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RT @othatsraspberry: honestly mgs1 snake makes me so sad, when asked if he has any friends he names the colonel and a guy he killed 6 ye…
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@GarnetBees @keithgerein @a_picazo Oil and Gas has always been profitable. How are lefties this stupid? I honestly…
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RT @yslcheol: honestly i’m so happy that the lines between 3racha, danceracha, and vocalracha is blurring already, that means the…
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RT @Kimtai_Franklin: Honestly I love dating girls older than me by around 20 years au 30 ikienda sana
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@Blacktalon24 No, its like I’m talking with a lobotomised toddler. “I don’t like “X” ergo. it must be bad” i pitty…
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