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I’m so ready to go home i keep going to the restroom to hide from people lmaooooo
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RT @KaitMarieox: Strange how the same mainstream media that loves to paint right-wing gun owners as evil is silent when an Antifa le…
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I don’t understand “people”. Mom and Dad did a trip with the church. 25-30 people went. I just picked them up to dr…
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RT @BamBam1A: Finally Go Back Home❤️ This Trip was amazing Thank you for everything🐥❤️ #IGOT7 #GOT7 #EYESONYOUTOUR
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RT @matthewamiller: We’re all understandably distracted by the president selling the country out to a foreign adversary, but…
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RT @tonytx4_: me thinking about leaving my dog at home while i’m off at college
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I’m so glad to be home in my own bed
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[Job] Engineering Assistant | Company: NCR | Location: Cebu City P07 Philippines | #Cebu #City #Genetic…
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RT @RashawnOliverr: imma be that parent where if my kid(s) come home drunk, I will make sure they have the worst hangover experience of…
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@Wish1075 @akosijex Oh my! I misssssseeeeedddd this, especially the James Ingram part. Looking forward to the YT up…
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@RadioCitizenFM @JeridahAndayi @inspektamwala Eneo la Iten Home Of Champions bendera iko imara #JamboKenya
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RT @jgopikrishnan70: Fact is Indira-Rajiv-Sonia Gandhi family is well connected with Christian Michel. They even stayed at his father Wo…
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RT @aawsat_News: هادي يؤكد قدرة قواته على ضرب صنعاء
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RT @Not_So_Rad_Brad: It baffles me how a guy could have one of the most genuine, caring girls in their life and then risk it all on some…
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RT @suhasinih: "Between 2014 and March 3, 2018, 45 persons were killed in 40 cases of mob lynching across nine states, and at leas…
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RT @votevets: After Trump sided with Putin over the US, GOP in Congress: - Blocked increased funding for election security - Bl…
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RT @ManUtd: Lee Grant does well to keep the scores level! #MUTOUR Watch #MUFC v Club America LIVE on #MUTV:…
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RT @4paws8: @andibeth012 PLS KEEP SHARING Bima lost her home w sibling Penny both used then dumped 😞#StopBackyardBreeding give…
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RT @youfunnyb: When you thought you was taking home a W w/ @LeanandCuisine @populroutcast @teaks12
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