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@GraysonDolan HEY GRAY
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RT @_is_Trey: *at the club* Girl: Hey baby you wanna come to my place? ;) Me: yea but you have to ask my mom because if I do it she’s gonna say no.
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RT @MissyElliott: HEY y’all ask me where the rest of the song HERE GO THE 2nd VERSE😉🙌🏾Now y’all know I’m NO SINGER so don’t clown me😔…
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RT @hexadonis: HEY SO heres my hoseok x brockhapmton animation!!!!! this was a little thing for school that spiraled out of contro…
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RT @WellsAdams: Hey @HollywoodLife, this story isn't even remotely true. I have 2 different radio shows, a podcast and host a triv…
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@hollytastically @tgconsolidation Hey ladies, there's so many poor ones out there, Try this site, i've been getting…
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RT @maingi_muchiri: Hey guys. I am an online entertainer. I make relatable skits on African mums, mainly to bring back the childhood me…
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me every time i see a super mario rpg spirit: HEY THAT'S FROM SUPER MARIO RPG
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RT @NathanHRubin: Hey — remember that time Trump said no one met with any Russians? And then it turned out that they all met with R…
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@jkbelk007 Hey Kevin, does Benghazi ring a bell?, and what might you corrupt Republicans be hiding?, you’re just pi…
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RT @tara_t14: Hey wonderful seniors! If you get the chance — vote me Tara T, for “most athletic” 😊
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RT @FiorellaRabonIV: @alpharadtv Hey you messed up the title, but it’s okay I fixed it for you.
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Hey Chicago is a big city. Shouldn’t we have a professional basketball team?
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RT @wrongbakusquad: kaminari: hey kaminari: kaminari: everyone’s bones are wet sero: why would you say this kaminari: no one said hi back
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Their hard earned money so they will decide how it's to be spent. No asshole is supposed to comment how Ambanis mus…
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RT @DawnieeDreams: Hey! If a trans person asks you to stop calling them a pronoun you think is gender neutral, please stop! If a tran…
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RT @MemeJedi: Me, to my half-conscious 9 y.o. son: “Good morning, bud. Hey, can you spell something for me?” Son: “Why?” Me: “J…
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