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RT @billboard: Voting is officially open for Top Social Artist at the #BBMAs! Vote for @BTS_twt for #BBMAsTopSocial here:…
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Here in the Philippines? Basta maputi ka, matik maganda ka.
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here’s the process **flashing lights warning!**
63 followers     under covers     Reply Retweet Favorite Are you tired of eating the diet which is low-carb, high fat of meat? Here, I will give you…
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RT @Igot7Worldwide: 📣 BBMA's CHALLENGE 📣 Reply here with the cutest picture of your bias~ Don't forget to RT~ ⚠️ #BBMAsTopSocial GOT…
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RT @chic_all_week: @crackgalore wow she actually looks cute here... for once
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RT @BerdjOdabachian: I had to. Here's Lillard's game-winning shot with Titanic music.
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RT @billboard: GOT7 is up for #BBMAsTopSocial at the #BBMAs! Get your votes in here:
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RT @IFAmedia: Just finishing the protest here now at @AIBIreland AGM. Restructured loans and loans of negotiating farmers should…
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Selena Gomez, Dana is getting me out of here real soon. I'm going crazy in this nut hole. She's taking me to the tr…
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RT @cgreeneWFAA: Would you stand for a #ParentalDressCode ?! Well, the principal at @madisonmarlins says parents will be turned awa…
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I think the main problem for both sides is that people tend to jump to conclusions all too easily which causes all…
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RT @asthmauk: Pollen levels are HIGH right now - but tackling hay fever symptoms can cut your risk of an #asthma attack. Get top…
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RT @millennialmonop: I am hoping to connect with as many mobile game publishers as possible on here! If you are a publisher that wants…
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"I know you're sleeping perfect, while I'm over here hurting."
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RT @functionbts: bts were dragged to hell after winning their 1st daesang and now here they are with their 24th, the most for an art…
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RT @LaLainaAshley1: Go Ashley! I know You can win the task. Just do your best, Okay? We're Here to Support you, Till The End.…
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RT @mrdanhg: Lack of cold storage and refrigerated transport contributes to 1.5 million vaccine-preventable deaths a year and ov…
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@McScootyBooty People really be out here with that kind of tv
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