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RT @Cerebrallegend: Best Android phone of 2018 #Giveaway @androidauth - Enter Here:
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RT @bts_twt_sns: if you haven't seen taehyung play the guitar.. well, here it is
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RT @KaylarWill: Yes. We 13 deep but we here lmao
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RT @RachelNotley: Here is my most recent statement on the attack on the Mosque in Edson. #AbLeg #AbPoli
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RT @courtneyact: Here are some Courtney Facts on how to be a Race Ally. Seems pertinent with all this chat about Queens of Colour on…
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RT @dialmformovies: Here's video of DeNiro swearing at Trump on #TonyAwards Australian feed didnt censor it.
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RT @BillCorbett: @ConservativePTZ Our two dogs are cool and normal American dogs, but here, I found a dog worthy of Trump
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RT @GayRepublicSwag: It's that time again! The follow train! Here's the rules! If you love Trump retweet this tweet and then go follow e…
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RT @ALT_uscis: arrgh edit button Here is the pamphlet you get in exchange for your child ( when they take the child to take a bath…
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The military has showed me a lot but most importantly it’s showed me who’s here for me and who’s not
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@juniorafterdark Now THAT is talent (also: I love how the cat just shashays in at the end all "meh, nothing to see here")
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RT @AtlaTheWriter: Since some requested it, and after briefly seeking counsel from other creators, here's a basic checklist of what yo…
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RT @PalmerReport: For the past several weeks Palmer Report has been documenting the grand jury proceedings which have made clear that…
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RT @harrysugiyama: 大阪北部の地震を経験している外国の方々へ。To those who are experiencing the earthquake which occured in the Kansai area, It is distressi…
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RT @5141quid: @sahilkapur His message in his last interview, like Bannon's today is "there's nothing wrong with a zero tolerance…
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RT @StreetwearFiend: adidas by Raf Simons Ozweego III in Burgundy & Maroon & Scarlet is now available to purchase with Free Shipping! BU…
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RT @landondonovan: The tournament is here! USA fans, our team may not be in Russia, but our neighbors to the south are. So join me and…
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RT @Tyler_Womack23: i’m still here, loving ya
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RT @REALBASEDBLONDE: POLL — VOTE AND RETWEET I’m going to challenge @foxnewpoll bc I think it’s a lie! As a conservative American cit…
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