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@itsJeffTiedrich Just wait until SCOTUS helps rig the next election
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After blaming Putin, Putin, Putin for high oil prices & supply shortages, the Biden Administration announces a 5-ye…
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RT @blueAndgreychip: Still 282/1250 ! No donations in a few days !! This is urgent‼️ A black trans man is leaving his toxic situation…
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Vyvanse: gets my brain working ✅ Helps me feel better ✅ I feel an insane urge to hook up with my exes that I don’t even like ✅
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@miss_elizabeth3 @Tejano4Liberty_ @StupidFace2021 @washingtonpost Actually, that's not at all what that means. Hope this helps
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RT @earth_daughters: $25 USD helps us provide essentials to one family. We are seeking support to continue providing aid during these ti…
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@LuciaSatalina It had to do with water for me: Drinking too much water would flush the electrolytes from my body an…
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RT @hutchleah: All that being said: them being brainwashed does not absolve them of harm. They are harming people. They are hurtin…
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RT @MIT: New model helps identify mutations that drive cancer: The system rapidly scans the genome of cancer cells, could he…
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@HeroOfBitcoin They helps for the eco system. We need to be digital as much as we can so #bitcoin will be bigger king of the world
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RT @bookpoets: time helps you move on
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RT @AngelaPacienza: Canadian volunteer fighter severely wounded in Ukraine hopes online campaign helps him get back home /via…
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RT @WilburSoot: me and phil are doing a quick stream to talk about some memories with techno :) all donos/alerts are off we just wa…
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Local volunteer helps train guide dog
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RT @bookpoets: time helps you move on
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@dinesh_arora Hi there! You can add or fix a road on the map by following the steps in this article:…
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I'm doing my first ever charity stream to raise money for @BrigidAlliance, which helps people who live in places wh…
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RT @lesboslovejoy: tips for dealing with headaches/migraines: thread 🧵 water is important but not the only thing that helps
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I was told not to do anything too strenuous for my wrist so I'm taking breaks in between sections of boxes. It helps a little.
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@WilburSoot this helps a lot wil:), thankyou<3
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