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@BillAckman @federalreserve Ackman knows the Fed can’t completely control inflation. He’s just working his book ag…
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@LeaderMcConnell You’re neither horrified nor surprised. It’s all part of the Republican plan and you don’t care wh…
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It turns out that burning the hell out of a London broil steak was not the answer to my life's problems
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RT @the_postman_: Senator Cory Booker, when asked about more CFTC jurisdiction over crypto: “Yes. In fact, hell yes. It’s clear, Eth…
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I’m sick as hell and moms made me tea .. I’m like this tea hitting what’s in it .. she said codeine 🫠 reminded me of this nigga Terry
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RT @mikesarzo: . Louder When a gunshot rings out Louder than the school bell It's only a short time Before we all see Hell. The…
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Conservatives care more about policing a woman's body than saving actual living children. You guys have a place in…
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As a grown man whose lived life, it’s hard as hell to be this great let alone good this long at anything.
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RT @sunsungirly: What the hell is wrong with you Georgia! She’s gonna spend another 2 years doing NOTHING!…
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@JHershey21 I have a semi auto .270 and 30-06 but they hold 5 round clips. Hog hunting with an AR15 may be the only…
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@AngryBlackLady @atrupar What’s his point? Who gives a shit? Politicize the hell out of it. Eighteen children are dead!
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@SenTedCruz You and your Governor are failing the people you pledged to look protect. That doesn't mean protecting…
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What is wrong with this country? Those parents were expecting their children to come back home today. Imagine sendi…
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RT @ClayTravis: I’ve been picking my kids up at school, Craig. I’m anti-murder. I don’t know why anyone’s immediate reaction to mur…
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RT @fineboytunde_: Our generation use too much skin care for a body that’s gonna end up in hell fire.
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This is 🧢. It’s hell
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RT @MOLENAIDE: the only thing y'all should be praying for are the parents who are going to go through hell because their children…
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RT @KBucko7: Patrick Fabian’s Howard Hamlin is one hell of a character.
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RT @LunarTheDeck: ‼LOONA Island Hell Week Primer‼ Compiled notes from ReOrbit's Q&A heading into Queendom 2 final week
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RT @Jett_GH: People need to stop acting like you can’t win a Super Bowl with average QB’s, look what the 49ers did in 2019 and 2…
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