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Even the dark night, It gets brighter when the sun comes out. Where is the sun of mind? The sun of the heart is i…
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I've wanted to make him taste his own pathetic failure with all my heart. -Near / Nate River-
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RT @HanJisungBrasil: [#PREVIEW • 090619] Asia Model Awards 2019 ©Haning_Heart @Stray_Kids #Clé2_YellowWood ~lari
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My mother, The Creator, could warm the heart of any she spoke to.
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RT @hansoups: you ever just think about how there’s only one (1) bang chan who can sing, rap, dance, produce, compose, an athlete…
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RT @7signxx: The Hearts Cure. The following five things cure the heart: 1. The company of the pious. 2. Recitation of the Qur'…
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RT @low_defBlues: Larry Robinson: Hockey Hall of Famer. One of the NHL’s 100 Greatest Players. 10 Stanley Cups. Never played a second…
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RT @AVSTV: We’ve got an exclusive heart to heart with @BeingSalmanKhan & #KatrinaKaif on #avstv !! Watch it now…
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i hate it when im just chilling and then my heart starts beating fast for no reason and i get jittery, like im real…
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He is NOT a bad person He would never do anything to purposely hurt someone He has nothing but love in his heart H…
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RT @FredTaming: [ first date ] her: i want a partner that can open my heart me: well i am a surge- her: and never do anything to shock me me: protector
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RT @eatmeanj: do all cancers give their heart to one person and never get it back for the rest of their lives or is that just me
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@MeghanKEdmonds I am so sorry. I went through this 7 months ago. I am so sorry you feel this deep, invasive, sting…
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RT @FETCHDogTrainer: Sensational boy Stuffy Is certainly not a 'toughie' Just a happy, playful boy Who'll fill your heart wih joy 😍😝…
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RT @lesbixnvibes: get you a girl with a sweet heart and a dirty mind
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momma say it’s my fault i wear my heart on my sleeve 🤧
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RT @Bible_Time: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. -Matthew 5:8
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I love this boy with my whole heart😩❤️
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RT @BostonChildrens: Boston Children's #BACH program provides care for adult congenital heart patients around New England:…
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