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RT @osoplain: He just told me to relax Bless his heart
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RT @JHopeHobaHobi: What comes from the heart, goes to the heart 💜 Hi Army👋
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Hey, my heart and soul! 💖
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RT @Petrajayne26: English version:Yami says it's his fault. He gave in to his darkness, and Yugi paid the price. Now that Yugi's gone…
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Saw The Little Mermaid today. Seeing all the little and grown excited brown girls in there warmed my ole grinchy heart
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yves being besties with both lee sisters my sapphic heart can’t handle this
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RT @ERnurse86: That is so sobering to me. Can y'all imagine how many families could have answers and possible closure if law enfor…
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Reading augments woman, too. When faced with an open heart. Family OUNASS_NOON_PROMO_NON_TOYOU_TO_Fordeal_HM_and_Bo…
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RT @pirate_posting: This image made me drop ta’ me knees and sob… how could someone ‘ave so much hate in their heart…
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my heart. their friendship is everything
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RT @t4teddiemunson: Steddie, soulmates, friends to lovers, fantasy au🧵 Eddie's hands don't shake as he buttons up Steve's shirt. He's…
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@xv_dz_ heart
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RT @YTMyGuyAndrew: “If you have been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to other living beings, then you’re a bad…
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RT @historyinmemes: Randall Champion inadvertently made contact with a low-voltage power line, causing an electric shock that stopped h…
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RT @BBBmarryme: The memories that Bible and Biu gave us are memories that we will forever keep in our hearts, and we will remember…
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RT @NayvethVizcaya: Mother's love Infinite like the firmament, it does not know death neither space nor time, sadly we never got to sa…
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RT @karianneee_: Before he swung at her... look at Leo hiding behind Foolish :( Shes so afraid of whats gonna happen with Forever. O…
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It’s only after his talk with Keito where you can s e e Rei have a change of heart based on how he accidentally rev…
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RT @tatiann69922625: 🇬🇧 😔⬇️ Un nouveau rapport de la British Heart Foundation révèle une "augmentation étonnante" du nombre de cas de fi…
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RT @alem_pjm: NO ONE can beat army songing heart out to mikrokosmos
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