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RT @BernieSanders: Medicare for All doesn't dictate private health care decisions. That's what Republicans are doing by taking away a…
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@jj27vv @gavinesler Worse than that - he is a ?senior le turner in mental health I read. A travesty!
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@AWrightstuff I completely identify with that, how your mood can just take a downturn suddenly. But we can't all be…
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@EdgyEdgelord_ Ik had voorheen zo'n basic ass samsung health app die mijn stappen telde, mijn record was iets van 2…
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Dr. Matthew Malek here, from Rhode Island. Medical director at Tri-County Federally Qualify Health Center. We love…
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@realDonaldTrump She is praying for your mental health and stability.
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RT @kenklippenstein: Can’t really think of a more loathsome industry than health insurance
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RT @katzish: This tweet goes out to the woman I just saw walking down the hall swathed in a blanket
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RT @CNN: More than 80,000 new cancer cases among adults 20 and older in the United States in 2015 were attributable simply t…
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RT @afspnational: Thanks to everyone who joined our #RealConvo today! Together, we're shifting the culture around mental health and suicide prevention. ❤️
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RT @austinblakeeee: “My ex girlfriend is crazy” Code for: I played w her emotions, ruined her mental health, gave her reasons to be je…
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RT @NHSMillion: Nigel Farage who leads the Brexit Party and wants to privatise the NHS = 1.3 million followers NHS Million who wan…
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RT @SenKamalaHarris: Black women are facing a maternal mortality crisis in part because of racial bias in our nation’s health care deliv…
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RT @jsinvr: @RobynUrback Are you old engh to rmbr when that nasty, nasty man, Stephen Harper, removed impt NGO health funding f…
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RT @joe_cressy: Tomorrow morning, former Ontario Ministers of Health from all three parties who have held government in Ontario wil…
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RT @WajahatAli: Poor diet tied to 5% of all cancer cases, study suggests @CNN
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RT @lauvsongs: SAD FOREVER. i wrote this song at a really shit time in my life. it’s coming out the 31st. all proceeds are going t…
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RT @whannel: @ScotTories Why wouldn't she, you're committed to genocide #FMQs
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Make sure to participate in this chat #happeningnow on integrated behavioral health! #BHealthy #trainIBH
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