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i just want to give sam bennetts head a good smack
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RT @lesbianancy: the way steve waits for robin to decide before he shakes his head. robin looking to steve for confirmation before s…
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RT @TonyStrong631: If Biden did this they’d be calling for his head!
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@AnnaBeeBo @JoannaNoBanana No worries I have days like that too. Something makes perfect sense in my head but it’s…
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RT @SkyeAsiyanbi: Unavailable - Davido be stuck in my head allllll day omg a song!
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RT @Delavegalaw: I don't want to hear Trump's voice ever again. I will read transcripts or quotes only. I don't want to see his fa…
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RT @theDoggLovers: Jelly fritter & sprinkles warking on their head titls 💞
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@AnneleiseHall “If it were legal” - he’s proposing to murder the head of the US military. Not gonna be legal any time soon, moron.
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RT @ronkelawal: Americans and their main character syndrome even have a monopoly over global weather conditions apparently.
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So happy to see this moment. Head of my division @mattbooty and my good friend and coworker @aarongreenberg with my…
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RT @TurtleheadMassa: ≪拡散RT希望≫ ~大阪営業~ 新大阪駅近隣ホテル 6月16日(金) 16:00-17:30空 18:00-19:30空 20:00-21:30満 22:00-23:30空 6月17日(土) 予約満了 施術時間料金 40…
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RT @_flamelightgo: Hi eris! i’ll be giving away mini bubble head fit at the back of your phones 🥰 📍Strictly 1:1 📍Open for Trade 📍Jus…
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RT @leecherrylix: not a single thought inside my head, just look at him, appreciate him
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RT @jollycrazynft: ‼️Experience the pure joy of childhood nostalgia with the “Jolly Teddy Party" NFT collection! With endless possibil…
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@RodCarew_29 No, IMO. Great, yes he was. But not top 5. Koufax, Seaver, Carlton, Maddux, Palmer are 5 better off t…
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RT @qingxinwind: @kindlestuck i use goldenpunk in my head cause other peps have their parts out of the basic associations (punk, gho…
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RT @historyinmemes: In the photograph captured during the March against Fear in 1966, civil rights activist James Meredith endured a he…
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RT @msalexandriae: Not to be cocky, but I'm really the full package. My head is on straight, priorities in check. I'm smart, independe…
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RT @luminiciant: in my head dream’s mask is like a whiteboard #dreamfanart #georgenotfoundfanart
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half of nike was on my head
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