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RT @telesurenglish: Ecuador's @RicardoPatinoEC spoke out about the detention order against him, that he calls a political persecution,…
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RT @nctfuIIsun: Donghyuck opened the mini window to wave to the fans outside the bus HE’S THE CUTEST 😭😭😭 ct @ moonchildmark
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RT @michaelcdeibert: So, #Ketucky’s @RepAndyBarr invited @AOC to meet #coal miners who would be put out of work by a #GreenNewDeal. Turn…
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RT @greggutfeld: "He's not a russian agent.....but he's not off the hook....." CNN is the greatest.
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RT @stussyjimin: jimin singing his intro part during encore, as if he's reciting a poem was highkey sexy. just saying @BTS_twt
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@Atwitisborn He’s too much. 🙄
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RT @NoahShachtman: This is despicable. "Julian Assange not only knew that a murdered DNC staffer wasn’t his source for thousands of ha…
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RT @IAMSavedRYou2: 🎶🌷Straight and narrow is the road That lays out before us It's easy to lose our direction Let love be the compass T…
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RT @thereddempress_: She cheated, he has up. That’s equality.
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After election.... oh yeah.... but I didn’t realise.... blah blah blah Where’s support for ALL live export If he…
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RT @ChaudhryShankar: Energising atmosphere at CM @vijayrupanibjp‘s public meeting in Deodar, Banaskantha today. He spoke on initiative…
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RT @taekookmoments: the warmth in jungkook's eyes while staring at taehyung sends please he's too mesmerized 🤧
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@MJFnh @at_revenge @ScottMorrisonMP @LiberalAus @SHendersonMP That is rot! Most people on NewStart desperately want…
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RT @xpeanutgalleryx: And this was done with duterte’s consent and encouragement Which should be enough to remove him from office. But we…
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RT @RepMaxineWaters: As I stated last night on MSNBC, the American people shouldn't have expected Barr to do anything more than what he…
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RT @drvox: I mean, the report details numerous instances of Trump explicitly encouraging lawbreaking. They're out saying, "thi…
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Date someone who is mature enough to take time to solve the issue instead of someone childish who's just gonna ignore you
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@Ikanadzri_ @irahensem yah he's truly trash , srstalk
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RT @assemblea_int: ◼◻ Jordi Sànchez was taken hostage 1,5 year ago, for his political ideas. He's a democrat, a republican and uses pe…
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RT @Hayzaelicious: That lukewarm response from men kills excitement faster than anything else in this life. You’d be jumping like a ch…
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