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RT @shortgirlsugar: @tundekay_ Yes..I do hear about LAT and Iya sewa but I haven’t tasted the food.
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I haven’t had a weekend off since December and it’s kinda ridiculous because to get this weekend off I requested way back in December
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Realistically, if Aristides Aquino could just even remotely give you a .240/.325/.820s line, he’s a big leaguer.…
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RT @ESPNFC: Man United haven’t won a single game without Cristiano Ronaldo this season.
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RT @sheni_coker: If you feel the need to post fire pictures just to “pepper” your ex, then you clearly haven’t moved on. You’re still hurting.
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RT @Northerner0: Tomorrow is another Monday, fast if you can. If you haven’t started your sitta shawwal, start tomorrow and earn dou…
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@HighFive504 I'm fine with that, just don't cry when other clubs/fans take shots at players that haven't flourished yet
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RT @darcylesbian: stop worrying about kit connor’s hair color and start worrying about the bitches you haven’t got instead
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i haven’t been to school in so long i feel like an IDIOT
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I'm funny because I disappeared on this person, they owe me nothing, I'm actually in the wrong, i haven't said sorr…
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i'm still haven't gotten over
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RT @RollingStone: And we haven't even gotten started... 💖 #BLACKPINKxRollingStone
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@albolt76 @Avafoxstar Also we haven't ruled out some jiggery pokery.
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The gameplay is just so badass while remaining realistic too?? This feels like a free endorsement but go get Dying…
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RT @Hill6Mon: @JoelOsteen I lost my job unexpectedly Friday and I’m behind in rent. I hardly have food right now. My rent is $715…
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RT @fatpussyhex: i haven’t even watched the episode yet and i know it’s gonna go crazy this animation is insane
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@LRKronos I still haven’t grinded a shiny in arceus yet, just found many by accident
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@LENN0NADE9 Also,I still haven't heard all the songs on the vida la vida album, I'm halfway through this album, but…
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@liamgallagher You’re getting wound up because you know the truth. You’ll never be one of the big boys. You haven’t…
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naaa haven’t moved on from the whispering at the beginning of grapejuice
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