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I have to give an 8-10 minutes oral presentation tomorrow and I am beyond terrified!
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It really isn’t that serious, y’all. Your mom is always a phone call away. Your dog won’t forget you. You’ll make n…
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@RadioFreeTom It seems they all have deep fantasies directly from movies, if it’s not Rambo it’s a disaster movie t…
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RT @JujuSalaam: I have to go get a facial ~~ Gunplay skin looks GOODT!!! #LHHMIAReunion
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RT @Luthand20857831: Available for bookings if you want to Hook up for Sex WhatsApp me on 0748028892. Have a splendid night
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RT @JacobDonnelly31: That was some of the most pathetic officiating since my last tweet about pathetic officiating. The #NHLBruins shou…
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I have 1 new followers from USA last week. See
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@Ti_simone I’m struggling right now too! Just had to call off for tomorrow because I have no voice and talk to clients ALLLLLL day 😩
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@xTyroddx I don’t think I raged that bad... idk I know Echo was streaming. Reflex might have recorded
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RT @J_D_Landis: You can always become what you might have been. But you can never become what you were.
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RT @Brickwallblitz: Ryan Pace has done a phenomenal job for the Bears this offseason. Get a decent draft and they have a window to compete.
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RT @BarackObama: Our most important task as a nation is to make sure all our young people can achieve their dreams. We’ve started th…
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@kirstensaidwhat @MaddyBBCAN6 I know that’s how I would have looked like while watching too.
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RT @depressionnote: We all have the power to take back control of our own minds. Depression makes us feel like we don’t have that power, but we do, we all do.
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RT @lilIucyvert: Ur rly not funny unless u have a deadbeat father . Like u need t hat experience to be A True Comedian
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RT @megbugg: I love makeup. It takes my mind off everything and makes me happy. Today I got told I might have relapsed with my c…
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RT @gst183: What have you done for Penang Malays, exco asks Umno leaders @arifsetia20132d @esshankar1
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Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties have sued PG&E, with county supervisors saying they’d seen enough evidence to c…
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@FabMommy29 what big eyes you have grandma...#glorious
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RT @Muslim_ITE: Ramadan is quickly approaching by the will of Allahﷻ. If you have not been fasting regularly before 😮, now is a goo…
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