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I actually lowkey hate myself like this is why everyone leaves u bitch o my god when will i learn????
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lowkey have a hate/hate relationship with faceid, i want my fingerprint back😒
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RT @starrkp_: to my soulmate, come fucking get me I hate it here
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RT @bbusa617: AND GET THIS STRAIGHT No One Cares If Megan or The Whole Team Is GAY !!.. NO ONE !!.. It's The Soil, the dirt you'r…
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I prefer to be more realistic, but I DO have an imagination. It's mostly filled with gruesome ends to people I hate.
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Nigga rejected me for 2 years straight then has the nerve to be upset that I’m in a happy relationship. Ya hate to…
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RT @Haminations: Retweet to join the petition to label this as a hate symbol.
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@VPestilenZ I hate Apple but I need this watch wtf
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I hate driving w my parents. Telling me to slow down when im only 5 over. Mean while they ass going 70-85 on the road. Smh.
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RT @heroschan: Alright! Let’s get some things straight! -no one is calling Chan r*cist -stays are the r*cist ones -last time we…
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@NixEntrepreneur I hate your choice 🙄
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@smokeycrow Just wear a light shirt and a hat. I hate sunscreen.
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I woke up getting money the whole fuckin week ion got time for no hatin shit 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭 no hate in my heart
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RT @mmwilsner: Potential unpopular opinion: the enemies-to-lovers trope is too often NOT enemies-to-lovers so much as it is people…
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RT @Maria_writes: I really hate how kids from second & third world countries will study for years almost the same shit as kids from f…
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RT @AngelTriplett: Mental Health is important, something that shouldn’t be dismissed as “being weak” Reading hate comments even amongs…
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RT @TheKidBraww: I hate when niggas feel some type of way, and are fast to run to social media to send subliminal shots, you worst than a female.
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@sydnygray More like “I hate white men”
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RT @samsanders: They hate us for not hitting these milestones, but the markets have literally set the bar for these achievements in outer space.
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