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RT @samanthal3i: do u ever just fucking hate urself 4 not working hard enough to reach ur full potential?? coz same
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@RealDLHughley So true...I hate when I see WF quoting MLK...smdh
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I hate turkey !
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RT @gufict: i hate how sad i'am
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Im worried about my tooth.. gaah.. i hate check ups .-.
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Anywho, i should probably chill cuz people hate when you deliver the truth and i need y’all to stream my music so 😂
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RT @pbp_gillian: This! 👇 #thanksgraham #TransRightsAreHumanRights @RTE_PrimeTime please stop platforming haters - that's not 'free…
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RT @Trey_VonDinkis: . 🏴LEFTIST HATE -MILITANT COMMUNIST O-CORTEZ ALIGNS w/ MARCH BIGOTS Militant Communist Ocasio-Cortez Openly Embrac…
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RT @vanteskoo: left: pic taken by ME right: edited and saturated by someone else what’s the point of editing pictures where the b…
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@Azure_Husky Love STILL conquers all and the haters need to remember this. Love your neighbor, build your family, a…
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RT @timjacobwise: I am thoroughly convinced that if most of today's white Americans actually read the words of #MLK (and not just one…
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RT @smileybins: i just hate my tl right now : all the silverboys stans and the other trainees stans are fighting against each other…
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@SenCoryGardner And he accomplished it with kindness and understanding, not hate, racial profiling, prejudice, or n…
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@Erinjquinlan I missed the part where we should automatically hate anyone wearing a MAGA hat...that's in there right?
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youre actually the one who invites the hate to hit your fucking ass. you have zero common sense, people hate you cu…
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RT @ikashafarey23: come on gais this is 2019. No hate No Jealous, No negative vibes please
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RT @amnesty: Brave is fighting against injustice. Brave is making your voice heard. Brave is caring for others. Brave is love in…
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ffs i hate January
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RT @venuschain: why do men hate girls that play video games “for fun” bitch thats what video games are for... sorry we arent over h…
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Oklahoma's most vocal hate Pastor Paul Blair known for his homophobia, Islamophobia, and general hate has.....throa…
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