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@Reiny_ENVT Was not expecting to laugh this hard while scrolling through twitter. Thank you.
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RT @therealrukshan: Avi and I arrived in Davos a couple of days early from Australia. The “you will own nothing and be happy” mob was h…
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RT @Russo_Brothers: Look hard… #TheGrayMan
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RT @GrantEdAga1n: And I know this is whiny, because people who are far more marginalized than I am are fighting hard for themselves a…
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Y'all ever have that moment when you laugh so hard at a Google Translate fail and you suddenly have a headache?
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RT @HardDriveMag: 6 Must-Have Gaming Accessories That Just Happen to All Be Sold by Our Parent Company
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RT @clowcountry: it can be very hard as a physically disabled person to find representation in media - as such, here's a thread I've…
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@tulsaworld Life is hard. But life is life. But nothing.
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RT @Arohagenieteam: I want you all to know that I really do think the KR was doing its best efforts and this chart is hard to figure ou…
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RT @imnotsad99_: sleeping is so fucking hard when u can't stop overthinking
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RT @MayJarkelle: Dawg i be ready to kill bout my feelings, i love hard. when i love you i love youuu😭
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📍HIS NUMBER WAS LEAKED 📍CCTV footage deleted 📍Disha's death on 8th June, the same day IT PROFESIONAL destroyed 8 HA…
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@KIMMKENDALLL First dog? 10 weeks is a bit early to be in possession of a pup without its parents. I’m cheering for…
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RT @ksorbs: Is it too hard to ask for honest politicians?
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RT @FAY3Ashefort: Freestyle Rap Beat | Hard Boom Bap Type Beat | Hip Hop Instrumental - "Behind Barz" :
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RT @brenddittaa: hard pillow to sallow: not everyone you want in your life wants you in theirs, so don’t bend over backwards trying…
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@OstateAggie @Desi_3650 I agree, she is trying too hard to stay composed.
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RT @DAYDEF_: 🌴The fact that I’m working hard is true. But, it’s not something like ‘woah! Woah!’. Rather I think it’s a must as…
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How hard would it be to pick your top Stephen King movie of the 1980’s? So many classics, I loved Kujo, Running Man…
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RT @oneusvoting: 🚨Urgent Bugs fundraising🚨 To Moons, you might have noticed that ONEUS charted very high on Bugs chart the last few…
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