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RT @elle_desylva: Raise your hand if you think there’s far, far worse info on Trump + Epstein yet to come.
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@spaxra jump in the stream this kid plays on 1 hand
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RT @Patanguli_: No man owns a pussy, she can just wakeup one morning and hand it to another nigga without thinking twice about it 🤔
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RT @nayeonspomu: Photographer was a nayeon’s hand stan
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The fandom is getting bigger, and sometimes we get things out of hand but please remember the culture ICs has alway…
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#Second hand #car sale and buy free android app #Used #car #online sale please like and share…
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@EmmaKennedy Political sleight of hand. Get outraged at what I’m saying about this, hopefully you’ll fail to spot t…
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With a Presidente beer in one hand
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@PCollinsTimes Friday 19. May’s role was to run a workable Brexit then hand over to Boris and then accept the blame…
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@DrRanj Yep, if someone is offended by breasts being exposed for their natural purpose it’s them who has the proble…
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RT @justcamillaa: Loooool nah I’m sorry but did she just say “kiss my hand kiss my hand?” teach him girl😭😭😭
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@SammyW_Hunter Blushes taking your hand
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so my dumb ass was trying to stick my hand out this morning bc someone also stuck they hand out and gave me a thumb…
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RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Raise your hand if your health has noticeably degenerated since November 2016.
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It is a fair headline: AOC to DHS chief: Border agents shared 'images of my violent rape' in secret Facebook group…
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@RumanoffNat (Good. She admitted it... now... to find out the reason)” Why.....”(Nope he didn’t stop tickling... if…
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Prcies door deze mentaliteit zijn zaken zo uit de hand gelopen. Arne Weverling weet echt niet waar hij het over hee…
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I remember this young Lady I was dating,Her hair was fire Red,She was like a magnet pulling me ever so close to her…
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@andrewsowired Child protection still says spanking is okay if it’s open hand and over the age of two (I think). Id…
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