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RT @sauce_rellow: @MusaKhawula Hey guys , i managed to get few school shoes , i need 20 , can you pls help me to raise them 😭😭 i dont…
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RT @NewruGuru: What the holy hell?!? 500?!? Thank you guys so much!!! Seriously never expected to get here, I love this community…
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Akili liked the gay pirate show btw so I hope you guys all take note of that
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@lawyer_sophie @dgtwatter @markbland Never have I seen more stupid BS then what I read from the Sussex squad. Racis…
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@Jon4Lakers I really hope you guys put some type of dampener underneath it like a thick blanket because a couple po…
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@AllOfItFeatKayo how did you guys manage to cook this so fast
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RT @Sipha_Kema: Hi guys Urgently looking for women and men who have reported GBV cases at Mthatha Police Stations (Madiera and Cent…
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Gex Fall guys my account got hacked food griffin my account got hacked Splitathon
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RT @blz151101: New Wallpaper Design👀 What do you guys think? Hope you like it. Feel free to share. #DragonBall #DragonBallSuper…
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RT @bigtimerush: I know you guys have been begging! So here it is! Worldwide (Acoustic) coming out on all streaming platforms this F…
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I thought relationships were just about dates, kisses and taking pictures. So you guys get naked and insert things in each other????
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RT @MarkZuckerman: Trea Turner insists he’s not the type to get emotional, but admitted it was strange coming back to Nationals Park t…
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RT @Tae_Tae_Hilla: Hi guys. I’m looking for someone to help with sales and admin on part time basis (15 to 20 hours a week). If you’re…
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RT @virgosCringe: okay guys aggie this week i feel more confident now 👍 lmk what days y’all r available and we can pick a time from t…
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RT @mashoto_: Do you guys remember that era where Government hired celebrities and influencers to teach kids online instead of qualified teachers?😭
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RT @FPWellman: Did you notice how these guys keep declaring themselves super/dark/ultra MAGA just before getting exposed for crimes? Weird.
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What a dumb fuck restaurant worker u guys buat malu ur own ppl ja
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