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RT @Cool_Stuff_Guy: Guilty Pets Caught In The Act Of Chewing, Stealing And Destroying Things Around The House
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RT @KESQ: A man who killed a former high school and college football player in a hit-and-run crash in Desert Hot Springs has…
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RT @Moy0sore_greed: They see CHIMPS, I see GUILTY. Fan art for @playtheheist
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@DodgyRogue @HuntSabs Is this the guy found not guilty because it wasn't done deliberately? What did the magistrate…
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RT @PrinceSpencerJ1: @thebeeperfumery Common sense is actually noy common ...he forfeited billions because of drugs but one low key Enab…
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RT @beatenia: @surayaror Yes. There's a huge literature on guilt in behavioral econ. Summary: human want to avoid feeling guilty, so they spending money
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RT @AWeissmann_: This may suggest Weisselberg may be charged by DA and he fired counsel for not anticipating this in his guilty plea…
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RT @General_Oluchi: Ever since Baba-Ahmed warned Nigerians against electing a candidate who didn’t meet the constitutional requirements…
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RT @Motivateme247: Signs of personal growth: 1. You say no without feeling guilty 2. You manage your emotions better 3. You have…
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I know you know you're guilty
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枯れない花は美しくて ゆるぎない思いを胸に咲き続けた ちぎれた雲の断罪の空 止まらない哀しみを抱き締めていた (断罪の花~Guilty Sky~)
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@kgosi_yaBakwena @RhuNdimande But Kgosi the guy is guilty mos. And I'm glad he pleaded as such.
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Question is knowingly doing a terribly wrong act now quoted as “I have cheated the entire countrymen along with Nar…
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와 존나 잘생겼다 하지만 난 줏대있게 보플? 그거 할거임ㅇㅇ
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When someone amazing or admirable loves you, treasures you, and treats you with kindness, you feel suffocated. You…
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RT @RealMrumaDrive: The fact that he pleaded guilty he’s not guilty this is a good man.
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RT @GulzaarKash: Hundreds of innocents die everyday on the land of #pakistan and in jails. And the #terrorists and guilty keep roami…
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RT @rabiasquared: Exactly: “It seems likely that the court invented these rules because it believes Syed is guilty and disapproves o…
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@guilty_jiwoong 디발진짜 유짘아..유진아.. 벌벌떨면서 유진이 부르는데 몸은 난 빛나 추고있음
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RT @nasriqul: Fuh.... Bila aku dengar orang nak ikut rasa hati dia tapi takut orang panggil dia selfish Aku tau yg dia ni ada s…
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