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RT @RodSneaky: 6) @washingtonpost makes it seem like he was a nice guy. THEY FOUND HIM GUILTY OF TRAFFICKING HUMANS. His “compa…
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@cnnbrk That headline tells us that somebody at CNN is also involved and helping to diminish publicity on this guil…
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RT @LawyerAdamHouda: “The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make innocent guilty and to make the guilty…
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RT @SCMPNews: Meng Hongwei pleaded guilty to taking US$2 million in bribes. The ex-Interpol chief is suspected to have been in Ch…
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@keverzoid @isnortnyquil Watch it. Left is just as guilty, calling any criticism of their views as racist, transphobic hate speech.
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RT @DoktorJoseRizal: Toxic filipino mindset: ; Pag nanahimik ka, guilty ka. ; Pero pag pinaglaban mo sarili mo, defensive ka.
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RT @drewjay: BYU receiver Neil Pau'u has pleaded not guilty to a DUI charge in Provo City Justice Court, but according to a BYU…
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Uni really turned out THAT bad. Tired of feeling guilty for people having an issue with me. Cretins.
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RT @athanasios9: 9/11 was a Globalist Deep State IMO many DS actors, in many countries will be involved and guilty.…
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@nypost I'm all for this if he's 100% guilty but it says alleged
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aw yea i still feel like you shouldn’t feel guilty if it doesn’t apply but if the shoe fits 😌
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RT @OnlineSikhStore: Pav Singh's book 1984 India's Guilty Secret on 1984 Sikh Genocide in English is now available @OnlineSikhStore
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@naasemaru はじめまして。7月4日デュオ大会のツイートより応募したくリプライ失礼致します。 【荒野名】 Guiltymeko(マネージャー) GuiltyHika (犬) 【クラン名】 Guilty 【自己PR】この大会で1番エンジョイできる自信あります!
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RT @Tiff_FitzHenry: NXIVM Celebrity Sex Cult Trial: Leader Keith Raniere Guilty On All Counts in Sex Trafficking Case
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@TrekkieGemini @ChrisEvans Well that would explain it. She is Alison Mack. She is part of the NXIVM cult. Human tr…
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guilty pleasure — listening to hannah montana and og jonas brothers
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RT @StormIsUponUs: Now that the #NXVIM sex cult LEADER has been found guilty on ALL charges, #pain will trickle down to the over 15,00…
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@Cinto_4 I ain’t guilty about shit :)
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RT @Diannam67: A Wyoming rancher's summary of the Mueller report and Democrats' hapless ongoing efforts in one sentence: "While w…
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I have to say Tana Mongeau is my guilty pleasure I can’t not like her lmao
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