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RT @pattonoswalt: “If it’s supposed to be a black character, naturally I use a black actor” was as “woke” as John Wayne got, I guess.
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RT @kIipcafe: the world is sabotaging loona, y’all really hate talent i guess
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Can't sleep because of Pain so, guess I'll make some tea and continue my 100% playthrough of RDR2 while I listen to…
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She perked up, “Then I guess I’m cuddling with Mary tonight!” She grinned as she began washing her horse
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RT @ThePlumLineGS: New NPR poll on national emergency is devastating. Massive repudiation of Trumpism. Notable: Even noncollege white…
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RT @seanbaggett81: Leg fell asleep.. Guess my tweets weren't entertaining enough
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When u ask a mf for something and they don’t second guess shit😍😍😍 instead hit u with “is that all u need”
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@scrowder He came to shit his Depends, and lose another election! Guess, what his diaper is full...😂
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RT @SofiaCarson: guess whose back...😏💙 #Descendants3
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My mom: I'm so glad you're a normal adult and some horny person Me in irl: Haha yup. Totally normal... Me once I…
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I just asked Ava why she use the bathroom on herself. Her response was “I guess cause I forgot” 😤 She going to bed early & I mean early!
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@susanfaiola Yes, you are right. It just pisses me off. I want to make sure people who follow me know where my hear…
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I guess that would be *you’re never too young. 😂
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so i guess to end this rant/vent, please let people like what they want. if people like furries, that’s so cool! go…
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Kaninong artista kaya galing ang VG ni @AljonMendoza_ ? Any guess fam? haha #MBPinoyBigLoveWithALJON
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RT @NatashaBertrand: We had to cut this for length, but McCabe told me that his guess is that the White House "immediately knew the step…
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RT @MiseryHighlight: Let’s play two truths and a lie because today is boring af. Mine. 1. I’ve never watched an adult film. 2. I have…
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RT @shitbkdksays: ⚠ SPOILER ⚠ [bkdk sparring] katsuki: [attacking izuku] izuku: hit or miss, i guess they never miss huh- katsuki…
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rt to be in a loona gc if this flops ill be rlly sad i guess - ot12 or nothing - active - crackhead - dont be a bi…
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@jasontrimble @NHTSAgov @NHTSArecalls I don't need to guess at why this particular sit'n happened, as if the existe…
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