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@EversonLuhanga @tito_mboweni This is why SA cannot grow more than 2% pa. We have more BREAKERS than builders. Mor…
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RT @CubsfanTiff: Good morning friends. It’s a rainy Monday but we need rain to grow hay so I’m good. 🤣😂🐴🤗
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Today we celebrated our last day as an advisory family. This yr my students challenged me & helped me grow as an ed…
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@ekpeawan She should hurry up her wings don dey too grow
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RT @Izarqua: *🖼️#Phaneroo 387 Moments;* Mantles have been placed upon each one of us for a distinctive purpose. As we seek God'…
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After years and years of trying I think I am going to give up trying to grow a beard. I have to embrace what I have…
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RT @hendynguyen: A simple retweet can help my mom’s business grow 💗
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RT @apopey: JM: “I’m not changing who I am. I’m going to be the leader I want to be. I’m going to work hard with the group that…
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My forehead is already so big but my brain continues to grow every day
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you’re not the fucking victim in every situation. don’t call urself the “parent” if ur not gonna act like the fucking parent. grow up
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RT @tde_gif: Last year's Matane show was about healing after tragedy. For this year's Bagus show -- Yu and Rina's involvement,…
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RT @SpookyExpress: Dan Snyder investigation: NFL owners reportedly 'counting votes' as they grow weary of Commanders owner -
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RT @sam_adeyemi: The world as we know it has changed. So must you. Continue the journey to become the person in your vision. You eat…
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Well, you’ll grow to learn to respect me. . . Maybe.
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Pesa ni sabuni ya roho niki-grow old nitashika more.
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RT @uwanuruochi: Only a fool joins enemies to fight his or her own people. Everyone must join the fight for the release of MNK. He i…
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RT @AdiParashaktiA: They tried to bury me, but didn't realise I am the Seed. I will always grow back stronger. 🌱
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RT @WrestleOps: “In the ring, she’s one of the best storytellers in the promotion.” “Working with Becky allowed me to grow tremend…
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RT @kemimarie: i used to hate relationship conflict. it felt so intense, so challenging, so frustrating that i thought aiming for…
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RT @TruckersVote: - - - Definitely time to increase our domestic supply of Democrats. Vote Blue 🔵 no matter who…
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