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RT @ren_ergy: @Bsbrshns @Cut4 @Mariners Greatest Of All Time 略してGOATです、偉大な選手によく用いられる称号です
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RT @SHINee: The Greatest Moments : 태민 TAEMIN 2nd CONCERT [T1001101] PART.1 #태민 #TAEMIN #샤이니 #SHINee…
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Come on Maxine don’t you really mean - Unfortunately many members of Congress have become absolutely corrupt and th…
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RT @FeF_Florian: #UsMovie is brillant. @JordanPeele confirms he is one the greatest, studios will save money on the Oscars campaign…
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@CNN Even if Mueller comes up with nothing in this report, Democrat’s will quickly brush it off and turn all of the…
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...Yeeep, still the greatest animated movie ever made.
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@jeffrey Arguably the greatest music video of all time
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RT @DCComics: They don’t call him The World’s Greatest Detective for nothing. #Batman80 #LongLiveTheBat
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RT @TomSteyer: If Mr. Trump is really the “greatest threat to democracy” in @WhipClyburn’s lifetime, if @RepJerryNadler really thi…
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Silly things can harm you, please don't do it, it waits for the greatest achievement of yours. a Big kiss
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RT @emtothea: Sorry (not sorry) Canada is the greatest country in the world and I'm so glad I chose to stay and work here (sorry). 🇨🇦
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RT @filmswelike: ★ ★ ★ ★ "Ash Is Purest White plays like Jia Zhang-Ke’s greatest hits... a complex relationship drama and mordant ca…
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Greatest campaign ever in Call of Duty 🔥
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RT @TheOfficerTatum: As an American of African Descent, I say the less government the better. I dont need your handouts or reparations.…
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RT @333333333433333: my greatest fear is being tricked into falling in love with my enemy
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RT @simimoonlight: It’s really important to be patient with your creativity. Nurture it. Let it flow. But don’t criticize it for being…
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RT @fakeshoredrive: Happy 25th anniversary to the greatest movie soundtrack of all time: Above The Rim. If you had the cassette versio…
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RT @Megadeth: WARHEADS ON FOREHEADS Greatest Hits album is OUT NOW! Featuring 35 remastered tracks hand-selected by Dave Mustaine…
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RT @TheNBACentral: This game probably still haunts LeBron to this day. One of the greatest single game performances in NBA History...s…
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Blessed to say I have the greatest friends and family, always here by my side ❤️
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