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@10MTNDIV Congratulations, Brian! A great choice for a former teammate of Task Force Iron and MND-North.
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Thanks to all who tuned in to yet another great stream tonight!!! You guys are all awesome and I'm all about showin…
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RT @yschowdary: Wishing everyone a Happy Holi. May this festival of colours bring great joy, peace and health in your life.…
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The great cayoute fishing expedition has started. Pretty sure these TXans are just fking with me but here we are.…
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I was part of the recent GM 5000 person workforce ‘reduction’. Help me find a great new career!
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I immensely enjoyed the audiobook of Stephen King's Duma Key. John Slattery does great narration. Looking forward t…
529 followers     Portland, OR     Reply Retweet Favorite Got some really touchy emotional sounds melody`s put in this one,and will be spending more…
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Great opportunity!
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RT @gavinfeng97: More Than Blue has a great run though WOM isn't good: 4.9/10 on Douban & 8.1/10 on Maoyan. The Taiwanese title may…
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So nice too meet all of you great #PATRIOTS
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RT @OLHSthe108: thanks for a great season boys @olhsboysbball we love you always ❤️ made us so proud 🙏🏻
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RT @CruncHTimE_COC: Invite kick off! @champwarleague Week 1 match up against GS, going to be a great one good luck! 🐸🐸 @rikuriku_ce
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Just finished The Great Gatsby, wow nothing really does last forever and nobody really is as they seem
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RT @inayat__Insan: This is the greatness of restrained life. Guruji also insists upon such a great life because in this materialistic…
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Such an angel voice, intriguing personality, great listener and advice giver, loving carats. Remember Jeonghan beca…
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RT @sam_sellers: Going to miss watching @barrybrown05 play, great player but an even better leader. Loved watching him lead his team…
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Holy shit @machinegunkelly plays @MrTommyLand in @MotleyCrue #TheDirt ! Great job. #Rock
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RT @ShakyWarriorAub: make video games great again
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RT @marketz: @jerome_corsi God Bless you! You are a great writer and patriot.
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