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everyone replying with “that’s cary grant” is A MOOD
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This is perfect for anyone who has just spent three months writing a rubbish grant application:
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RT @EverymanCork: 🔥MULDOON'S PICNIC | MON 5 AUG 🔥 Paul Muldoon - Rogue Oliphant - Zadie Smith - Nick Laird - Horslips. Book now 👉…
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@QudsNen May Allah grant him Maghfirat & a high place in Jannah. Aameen. He was a braveheart.
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I pray for open eyes , I pray that you grant me a time to shine as always
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RT @Abba__Matches: May Allah forgive your sins and grant you highest Jannah & may HE accept you as a matyr. Surely Allah [SWT] will av…
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RT @Dr_PhilippaW: After session of Parliamentary Questions, with focus on scourge of homelessness, Bill Grant MP moans about @scotgov
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RT @nowthisnews: ‘We cannot prove medical promise unless we fund the research.’ — @AOC got Republicans to prove her point about cann…
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Grant's appointment brought mix feelings. From observation Hearts of Oak has improved under Kim Grant during the NC…
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Siapa yg nggak sabar lihat aksi Chef Grant @ringgoagus di film #KokikokiCilik2?! 😃 Sebelum nonton di bioskop, yuk…
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RT @Habeebinamdar: Ummah has lost a great Asset 😭 We love you brother,may Allah honor you & grant you Janatul Firdaus,I'm sorry we cou…
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Northumberland National Park secures new conservation grant to protect its Dark Skies
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RT @AcademicsSay: Academic Writing Genres: First draft: Horror Abstract: Action thriller Hypothesis section: Fantasy Results section…
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RT @DrSamMurphy: This is Sue Partridge who has just finished her second year of a degree with the OU. Studying social sciences and p…
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RT @Ali_MuhammadPTI: Strongly condemn the killing of M Bilal Khan, May Allah grant him Maghfirah. InshaALLAH the State will leave no s…
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RT @Ms_Lumcy: Saudi, America & Israel are surely pleased. May Allah grant Morsi Jannatul Firdaus. #Alfatiha 🌹
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Department of Energy grant to develop areas nuclear workforce - The Augusta Chronicle
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RT @Habeebinamdar: Ummah has lost a great Asset 😭 We love you brother,may Allah honor you & grant you Janatul Firdaus,I'm sorry we cou…
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Great news! The UK has raised over £9380 which takes us over our £10,000 target when our anonymous matching grant…
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