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RT @m39723777: TERA_Z復活!!!
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RT @MightyOakTree2: In memory of Holocaust Survivor Rachel Roth. Mrs. Roth someone I knew. She was the grandmother of a friend.
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Sometimes when I see that one politician, I think about my grandmother, who, if she were here, would have already t…
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RT @LeighHickmott: Meet a matriarch, a very special B1 ‘pack ice’ #killerwhale Mother, grandmother & star of #FrozenPlanetii ep 1 & 4.…
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@KateAltonWrites @LindenmuthWendi These little Italian cookies that were my great grandmother’s recipe. Or maybe a spicy pasta sauce.
129 followers     Pennsylvania, USA     Reply Retweet Favorite Court hears about the horrific moment a man kicked the grandmother of his child in the face during violent attack.
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Doting grandmother. life, he must ك̷و̷د̶ ̸خ̷ص̸م̴ كَوبون • تويو • تو يو • M52 🕥 • نمشي • نون • ZMM 🕥 • سيفي • ستايلي…
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RT @fiery_undomiel: Galadriel and Arwen saying "noro lim!" (Sindarin for "run swift!") to their white horses in an iconic chase scene?…
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RT @goIfIefleur: chan getting his league of legends account back becoming a national mission case literally everyone and their grand…
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RT @okhismakingart: I have found a really cute gift I want to get for my grandmother, but I feel like I should save up some more money…
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RT @CSPstuff: Grandmother 1/2.
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RT @STVASTG: A New Jersey teen died after being hit by a stray bullet while carrying groceries into his grandmother's home. Our…
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RT @muslimhandsca: Despite the fact that this grandmother's monthly income is barely $6, she is thankful to the donors at Muslim Hands…
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@ConcreteHorizon My great-great grandmother ran a friendly society out of an east London pub. By all accounts it wo…
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Laying my grandmother to rest today 🙏🏾
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@MarkRainycity @RBlooms2021 Upbringing too. I lived with my grandparents from age 15. I got a copy of “Emily Post’s…
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@StefanManfreda @MacaesBruno Is this your grandmother they are criticising
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Meet Abuela! - Rosie’s Mexican grandmother who I am thrilled to play on ⁦@RosiesRulesHQ⁩ ! Streaming free on ⁦…
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RT @gregoryscofield: Three days non-stop cleaning this ancestor grandmother saddle blanket; Métis, c.1850-60. All four coroners are elab…
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