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RT @PDissenter: @Conservatives Bicycling is one of the last bastions of liberty and freedom that government cannot touch. Promote education, not more rules!
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@MissNortonC @youngvulgarian @AdamBienkov Err... we were compensated. The shares were sold, the government got the…
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Shaheen's Legislation to Ban Kaspersky Software Government-Wide Passes Senate As Part of Annual Defense Bill |...
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RT @Rachael_Swindon: "What in the world has happened to this country?" Simple answer: a Conservative government led by @theresa_may
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@Bojalicious I’m guessing this first episode the government fucked with that kid and she got out and that guy got k…
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RT @thepokerbob: CNNPolitics Government watchdog finds agencies ran unauthorized and expensive security forces …
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"Spanish government is acting more like Nicolás Maduro’s Venezuelan dictatorship(...)" Puigdemonten iritzi-artikulua
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RT @IanDunt: He sounded terrified actually. And the government must be in a state to have to wheel him out.
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anyone supply a blog link to NSW green light informant drug dealer paid $1.6 by government to keep quiet on police & government corruption
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RT @PeterSweden7: 53% of people in the UK want's the government to regulate content on the internet. Goodnight free-speech.
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RT @SaharaReporters: Akwa Ibom Government Blocks Attempt By EFCC To Probe Senator Akpabio's N1.4bn Bank Gift | Sahara Reporters
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RT @TheMeemStreams: When the Government REFUSES to indict someone with overwhelming evidence. Then they're also corrupt!😠 #LockHerUp AN…
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RT @BizNewsCOM: ICYMI: Ramaphosa heads Government delegation to back SA Rugby’s 2023 World Cup bid
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Peregrino Brimah: The Federal Government is aiding and abetting terrorists now? via ynaija
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RT @Kavita_M57: So we are back to Pappu being a British citizen. Wonder why the government is not taking any concrete action
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The biggest beneficiaries of these prolonged #NursesStrikeKE are the private hospitals and clinics owned by government operatives .
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RT @KirstyS_Hughes: Senior EU official: “The biggest risk is the implosion of the government and the political system in the UK' via @FT
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RT @MooreSenate: "There is no stronger, more principled Constitutional Christian conservative than Judge Moore." -@SteveKingIA #ALSen
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Government is drugging me now. I can smell the chemicals in the air. They are making me itchy. Can't get anything done.
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