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RT @acgrayling: EU: abolishes roaming charges, tackles exorbitant credit card fees - and May's government claims the kudos? - !! You couldn't make it up.
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RT @JrcheneyJohn: Sharia Activist Linda Sarsour @lsarsour has been losing political support after her Jihad & Allah Speech #BanSharia…
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RT @McClatchyDC: “This is about correcting something that’s broken in our system." @SenKamalaHarris says of her new bill.
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RT @mojos55: TORY MUTINY! Lord Lamont warns Government is collapsing as fierce internal fighting rips the party apart
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RT @Pamela_Moore13: I am a Part of 83% Americans that believe Our Government Shouldn't give Illegals Benefits.
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RT @JohnJHarwood: the President of the United States is explicitly trying to undermine trust in the government he leads
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RT @DavidJo52951945: It seems only illegal immigrants in Grenfell tower get government assistance not British kids bombed by muslim terr…
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MAGAnomics: White House Highlights Trump Economic Successes and Plans
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RT @Harlan: Toronto man built a staircase for $550 that city said would cost 65k+ Now the government wants to tear his down!
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RT @theriddler301: @PnPCBC @lraitt Harper government did not handle it! They mishandled it.. had they repatriated Khadr at the beginni…
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RT @StefanMolyneux: City budgets $65,000 to build stairs in a park. Man does it for $550. City wants to tear them down. Government!
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RT @GemMar333: YOUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK🚨🚨🚨 Not Really...Just Jim🎯
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安倍晋三首相の退陣Xデーは衆院愛媛3区補選の投開票がある10月22日になると報道|ニフティニュース どっちもどっちな状況で愛媛さんも大変だねー。
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RT @JellyWobbleBott: Act now to stop companies moving jobs for Brexit, businesses urge Government #StopBrexit
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Trump's Horrendous EPA Chief Wins Golden Padlock Award for Govt. Secrecy @alternet
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@FoxNews @Judgenap Some of the Government wants More &More for their Own Wealth, Not the Americans!They Shouldn't R…
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RT @waltshaub: ICYMI - Here's the full segment for The Rachel Maddow Show last night. via @msnbc
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RT @USARebelSway: @TomFitton America be very afraid of our corrupt Government. What they R illegally doing 2 @POTUS 4 all to witness…
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Expect that the Baidu AI research labs in Silicon Valley and its employees will come under much more us government…
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RT @GartrellLinda: RNC Breaks Another Fundraising Record Raises Record $13.4M in June @GOP GET ON THE TRUMP TRAIN PASS HIS AGENDA NOW
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