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If you ask a dumb question. You bet I’m gonna answer you with sarcasm
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RT @MI_p3250o: carats keep calling jihoonie cute Jeon Wonwoo: 👎 MY 2WOO...I'M JUST GONNA GO CRY I GUESS..😭😭😭💕💕 @pledis_17
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I love you, Spencer. I’m gonna spank you silly.
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@Thaalput i had an interview today but i think i'm not gonna get that job :( so i say to my parents that i'm failed
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I agree with this. All the hot takes on TiG are so predictably orthodox. Guess what? You don't know what's gonna ha…
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RT @bazecraze: Imagine being a 72 year old man who thinks he’s gonna live to see a Space Force. I’m 52 and I don’t even buy a whole gallon of milk.
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RT @videocats: Just gonna drop this meow on your timeline 👇
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RT @generativist: Friend, homeowner: "When are you gonna buy a house?" Me, in my head: "I can't think of a single greater trap than…
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@Setso_Amantle I'm waiting for that day you're gonna say something important , ebe ke re K
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RT @lichaengi: i heard the boys screaming JISOOO JISOOOOO like their adam apple is gonna pop out hahahahha i didnt expect jisoo ha…
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RT @lucynolann: When are we gonna start actually being mad at the cheating husband tho
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RT @racheltunechi: I hate when people try to talk down something fun you said you’re gonna do just cause they did it already and had a bad experience
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RT @lucynolann: When are we gonna start actually being mad at the cheating husband tho
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RT @justonemyg: me: “i’m gonna see bts live” jungkook:
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RT @OT7wrecked: So BTS is now at that point of success where they're paying thousands of $ to get a damn QR code on display in diff…
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RT @aveolovias: May gonna be Somi Month 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 my Countdown is changing now sksks hopefully it will be the last time it's changing…
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[ph only giveaway] hallooo i'm gonna be attending nctph's hexabuary this sunday and kfcm on mar 7!! i'll be giving…
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oh that eating half a quart of paint is gonna turn into a meme format im calling it
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I love how sophisticated dark grey cars are like ahh gosh definitely gonna be the colour of my first car heheh
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I’m gonna go cry. Put on John Prine and just cry.
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