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RT @VictorIsrael_: A lady joined the space and requested to read psalms 91 and Peter Obi shouted “Very Good Psalms” Omo! By now you sh…
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If you have been asking God for a Change in 2023 have you considered TV/FILM? If You are ready for a change, Your…
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@elizabe18425980 It’s when I would need God the most
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@Yoda4ever This kitty is adorable 🥰. The love 💕 she has for her momma is beautiful. That woman is blessed 😇 with ad…
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RT @AOmozoya: @Naija_Activist The one after God's heart. Okwute ❤️🔥
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RT @oldenoughtosay: ohhhhh my GOD I just told the dog “hey we’ll go for a walk once the baby’s awake, okay?” and she looked at me, ran…
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RT @channelstv: God Has Blessed My Family, We Don’t Need Nigeria’s Wealth To Survive – Remi Tinubu
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RT @IExist__Still: Sushant @itsSSR is a Pure Soul...🪷 God's Own Child..🔱 Nobody has ever touched and awakened the masses like he has…
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What’s the point of worshipping God if not for family? If it wasn’t for family, there’s literally no point to God.…
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@OliverDobbs98 It’s not circular at all. If you read the whole Bible you see that Jesus is the God of which it speaks.
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Displaying God’s Glory
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RT @msalexandriae: Before God elevates you, He is going to show you everybody's heart around you. So you will know who to take with yo…
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RT @iluminatibot: It's now 2023, which means we only have 7 years until Klaus Schwab wants us owning nothing, eating bugs, and using…
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RT @va_shiva: How you know a #FreeSpeech grifter: -When #Eeelon bought Twitter, they kissed his butt -When I exposed he’s a GOV…
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@JessicaLBurbank Oh, boy if you take the amount of letters for their god Ronald Wilson Reagan, you get 666. Does th…
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RT @Mawunya_: Will God accept her prayers, looking at the way she's dressed up?....Remember Jesus Christ died on the cross for ev…
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@ksorbs You talk shit just to get attention… you make no sense what’s so ever… god your needy.
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RT @kingcloz: Love is actually really beautiful. It’s scary to be vulnerable and give it a try but if you meet someone who’s will…
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@EmirSirdam This quote means a lot to me and many other Nigerian’s. "Those who abuse power abuse the grace of God" - Peter Obi @PeterObi
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RT @feelingsgram: “thank god it’s the weekend” me Saturday and Sunday:
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