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@sunshineandsmi4 aaaaa im glad you liked it ;_;;; thank you!!! so much 💕💕
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@TatwsTrading I’m glad my dinner is about ready, or I would of time travel to colwyn north Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 in a flash.👌
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@UntoNuggan i'm glad i'm not alone hahaha
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RT @selectedwisdom: Look at the gear this gunman is decked out with - “Gunman shot dead after opening fire on federal courthouse in dow…
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RT @J_McCor: Sprig waiting for a buddy. Todays the day! Amphibia is all over Disney! So many incredible episodes this season. S…
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RT @MoggMentum: I'm glad you've finally admitted that you're in receipt of EU funds. It's also common knowledge that you don’t get…
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RT @soonergridiron: LaRon Stokes is a name to know. "Of all the newcomers, he’s been one of the most impressive ones up to this point.…
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@Joel_Masada I had to do it lol Glad you liked it! #CepedaCalvo
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@alisdavidson Thsts good to hear ! Only saw it earlier 😱 also glad the frog pose is rare😂😂
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@TheVunderkind Nothing is worse than ‘glad’
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RT @1Tonyy1: It’s been a while, glad to be back, todays @OneMinuteBriefs to advertise #mirrors I’ve done for @mentalhealthuk
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Oh enough already! @ShepNewsTeam reporting that fireworks prices will rise because of the tariffs on China. Plus…
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real talk i am so glad i have such a supportive mom who i can be open with
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I shouldn’t be laughing but I remember this #Boondocks episode 😂😂 I’m so glad the show is coming back! I was a Day…
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@avoidalmond im glad ur getting out of that environment b. let me know if theres anything u need im just a call away i lov and care abt u
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@QueenChandler_ damn, that’s discouraging but I’m glad you found someone you could connect with the women you talked to.
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@tyler_casper I miss Reagan, and am glad to have lives my formative years under his Presidency. If I had to choose…
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RT @KingPrincess69: pieces of us out now. Becoming Mark for this video took years of my life and countless surgeries but I’m glad it wo…
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Got zero sleep last night due to a storm and power outage, today I can't put a coherent thought together. Kinda gla…
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