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RT @Alena4Tigray: 14/25 “With Ethiopian and Eritrean forces and regional militias targeting Tigrayan women and girls with particular…
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RT @cnelliy: i know country girls make do but this is outrageous
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RT @GemsOfBollywood: A lot of business/ funding comes from Islamic countries. So Bollywood is extra-sensitive to portray Muslims respect…
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@Kiyonun1981 ぬんぬんさん こんばんは🌙 今日も、終わりますね セミの鳴き声も消え 夏も終わり 俺のエイムも終わってます 🔫( ˙-˙ )チャキッ 良い夜を🌹
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RT @takanashikiara: next stream→【AMONG US COLLAB】 Everyone gather~! Big AMONG US COLLAB! With 11 girls from EN and ID! We will be usin…
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RT @retrouvella: pretty girls cry over math not boys
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RT @daraku__neko: Title: It's a little early for Halloween. Keyboard: GPK60-46A/mojo60 Robin’s Egg Blue Keycap: DSA Teacap Cat Switc…
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RT @blackpinkjpgs: prettiest girls in the whole world
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@jack_roberts_44 The Indian girls are receiving the same abuse arent they? Also Indians have(with a little help fro…
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@OutFarsi In iran the regime are imprison or murdering women and girls because of Hijab Few days ago they killed a…
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RT @cnelliy: i know country girls make do but this is outrageous
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RT @KarenRo08012406: So I'm a racist! If wanting to stop girls being gang raped and wanting to protect our borders makes me a racist,I'm…
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RT @Maxthepapi: When he ignores other girls because he's really obsessed with you>>>>
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@lolitabutt did you know i like my girls a little shy and a whole lot flustered. head spinning rn
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RT @baegaIIery: bae cried after a nswer read their letter to her. op said they were happy to be a nswer and have bae on their side.…
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RT @CivRightsVoices: In 1960, school desegregation in New Orleans began with four little girls. Ruby Bridges' story is well-known, but t…
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RT @MattWalshBlog: Let me introduce you to Dr. Scott Mosser, who cuts the breasts off of adolescent girls. Many surgeons across the co…
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@Choko202021  ︎︎ 偽善者Girls @GZNSgirls / GZNSgirls 🐅 ♻️【出】27日22:00 ご検討よろしくお願いします⸝ 𖤐  ︎︎
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