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RT @bboziidiary: Xiaomi X Line Friends 🐤 แงมากกกกก น่ารัก เป็นกระเป๋า Carry on ขึ้นเครื่องได้ เหมือนมีไว้ให้เด็กๆอะ แค่นี้อยากได้ 39…
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RT @haatfelt: rt to be in a gg gc - actually talk - be problematic idc - selective - i want more friends lets get close - mbf or…
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@jemimahjanee Be Prepared, but ‘Friends on the other side’ deserves some love too
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RT @Breznican: Did I say dream job? I am THRILLED to share that I’m joining the team at @VanityFair! Thank you to all the frien…
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I gotta hit my friends up to hang it ain the other way around , isn’t there sumth wrong with that or am I trippin .
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RT @exoxiuminwife26: PH-EXOLs, Before you go to MOA or while you are on your way later, kindly make sure to send 3 hearts to your frien…
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Informações inúteis sobre mim idade: 18 altura: 1,65 tamanho do pé: 35 signo: aquário asc e lua: touro, capricórnio…
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altas madrugadas nas férias curtindo com os friends via snap...... só saudade mesmo
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RT @yangszen: we’re the best friends what can i say
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RT @LabradorYuki: Bedtime my friends, past 1.30 here and terror-niecie will be here at 8 AM. Wish me luck (or a sound barrier). Goede nacht!
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@tsitraami yea sometimes for me texting back when someone actually answers can get hard bc i reply to stories and t…
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@HopefulAnalysis You tried stargazing? Or watching movies? But really, training with friends truly is the best!
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RT @sweetdesaire: Hi, earthlings! I'm looking for more friends to risen up my dusty timeline. Colour the retweet button for a follow…
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RT @janaiaaliyah_: this semester i’m tryna be more social and make new friends so don’t let my face stop u from approaching me, i swea…
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RT @MimpiGains: Dear Tweeps❓😴❓ Who’s Still Online?? I’m following the 1st 300 Retweets Comment night😴 and follow everyone that like…
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RT @StewardshipAmer: Heartbreaking ~ We will never forget, but always remember, these noble men; these American heroes. Please pray that…
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Going on hols tomorrow with some of my friends from college and @Brophy_Ellen just snapped me to check my bank acco…
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RT @yangszen: we’re the best friends what can i say
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RT @Veedyyy: My friends would end up in a fight so they can sit on sofa.
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all my friends are bad bitches
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