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【コピペ】 春「「ください」と「下さい」って違うんだよ。動作を頼む時は「ください」、物を貰う時は「下さい」…「パンツを脱いでください」だとパンツを脱ぐことを要求する文だけど「パンツを脱いで下さい」だとパンツを脱いだうえに脱いだパンツも寄越せって意味になっちゃうんだ!変態だ!!」
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@Bellatrixx2020 @NBCNews May he never enjoy another day of freedom.
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#Sudan 🇸🇩: massive turnout today on Freedom Square in #Khartoum to commemorate all the death of the Sudanese revolu…
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The first-ever @StateDept religious freedom report in 1999 included persecution of Chin, still it continues. Some a…
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@Themofarabia You caged her so yah i believe she ran for her freedom 🤗
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RT @RepLeeZeldin: Israel is our best ally in the Mid East; a beacon of hope, freedom & liberty, surrounded by existential threats. Sh…
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RT @SagittariusTerm: #Sagittarius motto: Freedom or death
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RT @23_barb: Money can't buy happiness. But financial freedom has a priceless view
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Thanks to @realDonaldTrump. Freedom of speech comes with responsibility, something "our" president doesn't seem to…
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@lillymckim @weijia @Acosta @Ilhan @Nike @IlhanMN The irony- Lilly’s bio states she joined Twitter “to support free…
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RT @MichaelSkolnik: Asking all my Jewish brothers and sisters to speak up, loudly. Cause you know if our ancestors were “sent back” t…
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RT @UNCGChancellor: Can’t think of a better way to spend a morning—reading Dr. Seuss’s The Sneetches to a group of fun, smart, engaged…
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RT @VP: As long as we have patriots like the men & women at @FtBraggNC our nation will be protected, our freedom will be de…
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RT @Ahmad_Alfarhan_: #freedom_for_arrested_kwt_stateless7 #الحريه_للمعتقلين_البدون7
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RT @ThomasVLinge: #Sudan 🇸🇩: protesters in #Khartoum are waving Algerian (🇩🇿) and Ethiopian (🇪🇹) flags in solidarity with other freed…
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Communicating thru your music+really connecting with an audience is about more than just #singing the right notes a…
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‘There Is No Doubt That Deyda Hydara Was Killed By Yahya Jammeh’s Agents – Pap Saine via @Freedom Newspaper
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RT @TeaPainUSA: Epstein will never see freedom again.
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Westminster House provides Social Model residential recovery program for females 16-70 years of age. Our 24 hour h…
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RT @MezoSinatra: Mfs be talking about free agency freedom/contracts but this is what really separates the NBA from the NFL
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