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RT @AdamParkhomenko: This is fucking disgusting. Every mainstream reporter defending this garbage station should be ashamed of themselve…
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@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends There goes “LYING ASS TRUMP, AGAIN!” Only you and TABLOID FOX (FAKE) News believes…
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@amyklobuchar The mere fact that you say Fox like its a big sacrifice for you says the same to me as if you werent on.
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@realDonaldTrump Oh God! Our media is not your personal propaganda networks. Oh ye FOX is but they are not real med…
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@RepAdamSchiff Perhaps it's Fox giving him advice. A big war (even with a lot of US deaths) would boost their ratin…
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Two City Titties and this mornings playful Fox
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RT @bchartsnet: Há 10 anos, "Glee" estreava na FOX. A série se tornou um dos grandes fenômenos culturais do século, ao mostrar jove…
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@issi_belly @SharaHeart6 @BBCiPlayer @RomeshRanga Look I hate animal cruelty as much as the next person and everyon…
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@notme99999 @adamcbest You havent heard Jebidiah drank the trump kool-aid and went back to full fox propaganda
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@wollensak1 @mmfa Do your research...there is MUCH more to the story. Turn off Fox!!
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RT @RubenGallego: It is not a “tough call” whether to shoot civilians or not in war. Only cowards and psychopaths shoot unarmed chil…
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Exactly, and why I'm interested to watch the #Buttigieg2020 Town Hall tonight, even if it is on Fox "News".
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The way Arctic Fox Hair color smells is beautiful
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RT @Nativeesoul: Fox feeding orphan bears😍
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RT @beckman_fredric: FUKN Chris Wallace didn’t interrupt Klobuchar once! Didn’t ask follow up questions. Let her off the hook with BS an…
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the other results of writings got those mag covers and tv deals, and interviews etc, perhaps the peackocks might li…
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RT @amyklobuchar: Went on Fox this morning to talk about the attacks on women's health. No matter what TV station people watch, they…
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RT @ewarren: Fox News is a hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists—it’s designed to turn us a…
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RT @rachelthelorax: @LukeThe2K13King I need a Meghan fox collage in my life 😍
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RT @Ralph_Original: Everyone knows I been killed before 💯🙌🏾🖤#NewProfilePic
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