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@AbsolutelyBlake @YouNow Found this on her younow moments
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RT @DrZobo: At 23 and above, you should have done and verified these tests in atleast 2 centres: - Genotype - Blood Group - HIV…
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RT @41Strange: Bitis is a highly venomous Viper found in Africa
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RT @HauntedPress: On June 22, 2019, @newfoundglory's "From The Screen To Your Stereo 3" tour visited The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. They…
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RT @julietomo64: Share share plz this scum bag has beaten up my daughter AGAIN!! police out looking for him let’s get him found so h…
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RT @salasenso: found somebody I never wanna lose
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RT @MyOnlySanShine: ·°·When I look into your eyes,·°· -I know i've found- ·°·the mirror of my own soul·°· |@ATEEZofficial| |…
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RT @majnubhai007: 84 year old Kantibhai Shah from Kandivali West is missing since morning of 20July 2019. He is wearing Yellow checke…
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RT @PetsLocated: Brown/Chocolate Cat found in .Minster (ME12) on 19th July 2019 #foundcats #foundpets
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@DominatuX100 @walter_wyckoff $RVN, perhaps $TNT. At least that's the two I found somewhat worthy.
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RT @NicolaMDavidson: Sometimes I get SO frustrated with the dismissal of online friendships or found family. Hands up if at some stage…
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RT @cdixon25: It’s #HOFWKND. Let’s relive the moment where Mariano Rivera found out #HOF2019 was his year.
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So I just found out that smite is getting rwby skins, I'm really excited to see that
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@Jhwest76 Seems that way. I got an email about a post, and when I went to check the link, I kept getting page not found.
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RT @bangtansbaby_20: 1. Armys who thought it was true 2. Armys who have just found out 3. Armys who spread the rumor even more Lmao 😂…
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@WalmartCanada That seems kind of unfair if I spent this money and found out it was already opened. Who knows if they were used or not
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RT @ScottGShore: I was today years old when I found out EMINEM stands for Every Mother Is Nice Except mine. My mind is fucking blown mate
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RT @LoudTrshStrangr: This is probably the best stage I've found in the entire game #SuperMarioMaker2 #NintendoSwitch
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RT @MTimaya_: Found out I was having twins 5 months into my graduate program. The director told me to quit because it was going t…
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RT @wccls: Many of you asked what would happen to the books housed in the Oregon College of Art & Craft library. Some of them…
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