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RT @UofT: #UofT wants student input on a shared vision for undergraduate education & experience. Join one of the Innovation H…
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RT @muftimenk: Be mindful of the company you keep. They could be the cause of your unhappiness or even downfall. If they’re overly…
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RT @creepypuppet: (When the trailers/extended one finally arrived, everyone was like, “Oh, now you’re showing too much...We’ve seen t…
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RT @kidgaff: So many people love you. Don't focus on the people who don't
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RT @BlakeDontCrack: Heal your trauma. Stop projecting on other people. You’ll be a better person towards yourself once you focus on hea…
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I miss when it was more common for people to play more than one fighting game. It's something that really burned me…
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@dymerski_samuel Piper betle is super interesting! Planning on an episode focus on it later either this season or next :)
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#shelfitem Why did Lorenzo Snow, the 5th president of the #lds #mormon church at the age of 57 need to take a 15 ye…
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RT @Realbrianaroy: sis, do you. focus on YOU this year and forever. you should be your own main priority.
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Tonight on #WUTV: Snow, ice, travel impacts, severe weather, tornadoes, and flash flooding! All of that and we ha…
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RT @SamiKhedira: I've had a successful interventional therapy today in the morning with an ablation of an arrhythmogenic atrial focu…
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@IGN Instead of caving into boring trends that are ruining franchises, maybe focus on making a unique game?
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Can’t lose focus now.
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Me Can you focus on meee baby, can you focus...on meeeeeeee🎵🎵🎵😂
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RT @Space_Station: Spacesuit servicing, high-temperature physics and meteorology research kept the Exp 58 crew busy today aboard the s…
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@AngelaRayner What a wonderful Distraction and Dereliction of Duty! Let’s focus on demanding eight (8) MPs are forc…
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RT @SlickRockWeb: With all the #hamilton68 propaganda accounts on the same page around this new focus on abortion related issues, it…
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@ruahgase @GOT7Official Янг энд Рич #GOT7 #Jus2_FOCUS @GOT7Official #Jus2
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@1ScottJohnston kicking off our focus on training event. Some great tips and tools to come. #PSAUK #Edinburgh…
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