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Flying dragons if a man ك̷و̷د̶ ̸خ̷ص̸م̴ كوبون • نمشي • • نون • • تويو • • تو يو • _____ 🌀 7FF 🌀 🌀 7FF 🌀 🌀 FOO…
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RT @mmpadellan: A whole lot of people love to hate on the "Blue states" until an emergency happens and our Blue state taxes come flying in to the rescue.
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This was @JNics415 last night at @dcimprov. Bitch was flying
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Lowest waiting times in #WDW: Astro Orbiter - 5 min Dumbo the Flying Elephant - 5 min it's a small world - 5 min Th…
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RT @DanikScope: 유튭 확대 기능 신기👀
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@nyxastrae /chuckle/ maybe there's some strands flying around when you blow my hair.
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@ProspaAkankwasa @SarahBireete Well stated, just like primitive accumulation of wealth by those in public office, t…
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@JOHNtexx Flying out on Tuesday jioni.
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RT @AGramuglia: "They punch stuff -- more or less diametrically the opposite of queer culture." That's....what? Stonewall started…
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RT @GrafhamWBirder: Glad I went back this evening as the @GrafhamWater1 Pec Sandpiper showing nicely, until flying off strongly east do…
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RT @nastasiaKlimash: Many were surprised by such RU behaviour. Not my family. Back in 2014, While the RU missiles were flying over my pa…
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RT @RobertEFuller: So big they are famously described as 'flying barn doors', white tailed eagles are truly magnificent🦅 Join me as I…
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Flying mostly solo this AM on "Russell & @PeteMedhurst" w/ Pete on way to Denver for @NavyFB -- Join me, @Mr_ME93
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Manchester folks - what are some good places for food and a pint? Heading there for a gig this weekend and I've onl…
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RT @RawestAlbums: Himiko Kikuchi - FLYING BEAGLE (1987)
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元太担に「目黒くん不倫ドラマやるんだよね?」っていわれて???ってなってたら、「なんか年上の女の人と車の中で話してるシーンあったよね?」って言われてじわじわきてる.....車の中で話してたのはお母さんなのよ......じわじわ...... 突然の不倫ドラマ.......
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RT @Selcuk: Gökyüzünde milli ve özgün kanatlarla... 🐳✈️ Proud to be flying planes Designed and Made in Türkiye...🇹🇷…
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RT @NFlyingofficial: N.Flying 8th Mini Album [Dearest] JACKET POSTER - From ver. Kim Jae Hyun & Yoo Hwe Seung & Seo Dong Sung ▶ ALBUM…
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also it’s nice not getting colds and other icky stuff from flying idk i own clothes more uncomfortable than a mask
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@purplebuckeye @Jennife55216657 I’m flying home to visit family in CA this weekend. 6:30 AM kickoff for me. Or in o…
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