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RT @juan_moment: Quote: "Strong electric currents flow near a discontinuity, and these are an important generator of turbulence thro…
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RT @MnDOTnews: How do you move a bridge? One inch at a time. Earlier this month, crews slid the SB I-494/694 bridge deck (over I-…
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@MyTsla @mndothemath @Tesla Practically speaking I agree about cash flow. However, the Wall St model is general pre…
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Yo tengo un Flow que cuando me ven to’ el mundo dice... ¡COÑO!
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RT @Bernardo1130: #BC takes more legal action against #Alberta over flow of oil here possibly being restricted. 2nd lawsuit re: turn…
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Mass Air Flow Sensor Cardone 74-10281 Reman
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Deer Valley Bike Park Opens For 2019 Season With New Flow Trail
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RT @loona_the_art: [LOONA THE RPG #7] - Jinsoul 🐟🌙 Jinsoul, the white haired elf. A waterbending monk who makes the fight flow like…
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RT @Quietshepherd1: Your energy touches all other energy In a most beautiful way Immerse yourself with the kindness and compassion…
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RT @RebeuDeter: Les meufs qui tweet "Seigneur Dieu il est horrible" wAllah ca me fait trop rire ptdrrr je ressens vraiment votre dé…
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Los 5 principios de Lean Manufacturing son: Mentalidad de Mejora Continua; Eliminación de Desperdicios; Manufactur…
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Me enculas x guapo y mamón y xq aprendo mucho de ti diariamente. Tienes mucho flow y te amo y me enculas todo alv. ONTAS.
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@_jayphelps First option because it’s clear and precise with a control flow that is easy to grasp. Also: should be…
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@IsmanTengku Huuuh ... KPU msh mengelak terus ....😠
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RT @danielmarven: If someone tells you "let's just go with the flow"..just know they're about to waste your time.😂😂😂
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RT @lennartnout: When the traffic lights are out, their true purpose becomes apparent. Repeat after me: 🚨🚦Traffic lights are flow m…
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RT @that_API_guy: Preview Instant Flow steps in Business Process Flows #Flow (Posted using MicrosoftFlow )
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RT @MarLatino92i: Jsuis désolé mais ils ont un flow négatif ptdrrrrrrrrrrrrr Nos on dirait Lorenzo et Ademo on dirait la femme à barb…
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RT @wagmokalimutanx: how to save your heart? 1. should: • never expect • never demand • never assume 2. know: • your limits • whe…
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