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@GRDecter BoE announced they will simply fix the problem with more printing (more credit against the tax payers + m…
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"Greatest asset the Kremlin has are the real weaknesses in our society. Greatest difficulties they have are when we…
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@premnsikka Just like we had 10’years of austerity to fix labours mess. They’re giving us more to fix their own tf
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RT @Noorthevirgo: Being rich would literally fix 90% of my problems
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RT @doctor_oxford: And this is NOW. Before winter. Before the Covid/flu surge. Before Truss/Kwarteng tries to “fix” their economic van…
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RT @DevilsSeduction: If you're a man, no one really gives a fuck about your problems. Make peace with it and go fix shit on your own.
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Oh damn it... all the streams I've recorded since I tried to fix my video from getting muted because of the Soundtr…
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@SamCoatesSky BREAKING: IMF spokesman Ethan Hunt says “it’s impossible to fix the UK economy while these twats are…
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#Galaxy_S22_Ultra_Teardown #Samsung_S22_Ultra_Not_Turning_On #Samsung_S22_Ultra_Charging_Problem_Fix ---
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Maybe more funding for police can fix the storm surge problem. But seriously, the state of Florida and the US fede…
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@UtdMuhab If you get hit hard enough you’d be thinking about phoning the dentist in the morning to fix your teeth
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@drandrewb And if you're in a wheelchair, you get invasively patted down by the TSA and pray your chair survives th…
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RT @EdwardJDavey: Liz Truss must recall Parliament and set out what she'll do to fix this economic mess and stop people losing their…
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RT @TheCaptainSauce: Video tomorrow. I'll be trying to fix a nuclear reactor meltdown with a wooden mallet.
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RT @AP_Doramaqueen: Our country is broken. The current political class will not fix it, because they're a big part of its brokenness. W…
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BS! Myself and 3 other Floridians I know were recently dropped from hurricane insurance. False claims Ron fixed thi…
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@timidtrillium no that’s just the fix of an L
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RT @processvideoz: How to fix a dented car 🥴
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RT @Violet_viora: あまりにも綺麗だった...
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@Shmee_Is_Me @rockisinfinite Yeah heard the matchmaking for higher ranked players is harder. Hope they fix that one…
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