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@alterlife_mp3 @ipts298 Yep exactly exactly. It’s extremely right wing and not feminist at all.
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أتمنى بعد ما أسكتلندا سوت هالقرار العالم كله يطبق هالشي معهم لان ذي من اساسيات الحياة وبعض النساء ما يقدرون يشترون…
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A pet peeve: Using the word "woman" as an adjective rather than using the perfectly serviceable (and grammatically…
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@sense_reason @MForstater Claims to be some sort of feminist too. The irony.
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RT @buttterfly_cup: FEMINIST WOMEN LOVE | ANUJ KAPADIA JANAMDIN MUBARAK ANUJ #AnujKapadia #Anupamaa #Gauravkhanna
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@Feminist_Radha @deepikakumawat6 JANAMDIN MUBARAK ANUJ
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dream is a feminist icon yass slay emo feminist!!!!!
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@_celia_bedelia_ I always get annoyed when it's assumed my grey hair, or any body hair, is there because I'm making…
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@nickdixoncomic I’m just waiting for the male feminist creeps to chime in… “women don’t need superhero movies like…
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RT @RadhikaaSethh: FEMINIST's be LIKE - NO MONEY NO RAKSHABANDAN Bhai Behen Ka RISHTA gaya tel lene, BAAP BADA na bhaiya, SABSE bada RUPAIYAA... #womenaretrash
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RT @AssLatam: When asked about his position on women's rights, then Bolivian President Evo Morales defined himself as a: "feminis…
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@RealSancocho @JeanGen09181213 Her mundane struggles were nothing compared to what Bruce went through period and be…
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RT @the__dlc: @RawbertBeef i don't dislike #SheHulk because it's "woke" or "feminist propaganda". i dislike it because of THIS.
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RT @lrbobrien: Can the people still defending this person as a feminist and an activist for women please read this and realise tha…
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@elonmusk Here are a lot of stupid feminist opinions, he says that being a mother is the greatest thing in the worl…
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RT @tribelaw: “BIDEN has delivered the largest economic recovery plan since ROOSEVELT, the largest infrastructure plan since EISE…
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RT @paintmeonce: yeah i’m a feminist but if karina tells me to step back silly girl i’m gonna step back tf
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@umit_sungu_ @Akparti @kilicdarogluk Aynen 21 yıldır HARAM OLAN SÜRESİZ NAFAKA @Akparti yemi oldu. Seçim deresi geç…
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