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RT @queerlitbot: And we have not yet heard enough, if anything, about the female gaze. About the scorch of it, with the eyes staying…
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RT @laurasnapes: Hannah Peel: “I’ve spoken to labels before who have said that they don’t want to put my work out because they’ve al…
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RT @chunghasloop: chica: a song about female empowerment, choreographed by chungha with only female dancers♥️
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RT @WalterGlez1: My girl ain’t DEFINITELY fighting no female that drinks Modelos lmao. MOVE MAMAS, I got this FOO
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@FondOfBeetles @BBCr4today Dear Dave: TERF is a slur against women who don't accept gender theory catechism that b…
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RT @SleafordCP: Who am I? adult female dsh black/white 'Tuxedo' cat found in the Sleaford area 14/07/19 BUT I could originate from…
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@ki11monger for me it'll always be w'kabi kneeling in front of okoye in the sunset signifying the end of this battl…
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@comerlarson Na. I kinda love the idea of a female Tony Stark. (Not IronHeart) and if some sources are right we may…
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bro these girls who think it’s not okay to have fanservice of female characters and then make porn of the male char…
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@theNICEbus I’m on bus #1841 is being driven by a female with the a/c on EXTREMELY COLD!!!!drivers like this should…
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RT @chunghasloop: chica: a song about female empowerment, choreographed by chungha with only female dancers♥️
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I used to date a female electrician. She was shocking in bed.
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RT @MayyasahGaddas: “If you were that worried about your health, go to a female only gym”. Athina honey, this isn’t a “female only” wor…
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RT @tiaraalivia_: Unpopular opinion: male friends are more in tune with you emotionally than female. They can sense when something is…
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RT @ElastigirlVotes: Hey @NBCNews Regarding your #EpsteinTrumpScandal coverage. There is no such thing as 'procuring a minor for pros…
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RT @SSSSlym: "A nigga who leaks a female nudes is a bitch in my eyes" - Neslon Mandela
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A crazy female 🤦🏾‍♂️ lawd
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RT @BlockchainNeo1: Ep 6  "JBgal" In any world, there will be a female lead right? Our female lead is Jbgal. A lady who has the beauty…
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Just to remind you all that our money is with Toni Braxton. Guess it's time to manage one fine American female superstar.
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