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RT @Oh_heyDre: I feel as though people don’t talk about this picture of Anderson .Paak and his son enough.
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RT @parislees: I'm appalled that these schools feel forced to give in to bigotry. Every school has some LGBT pupils, or parents. E…
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@richysamo lmk when you get back on. I was finna play later but don’t feel like it
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RT @GraysonDolan: If you’re a good person people will take advantage of you. Don’t feel stupid tho, you’re a good person
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@lisastark351 47 I feel like I finally know what life is about.....but wine always helps! 😘
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@BiGcLoWnBoY >Her hand in immediately on his, she can't feel him due to her gauntlets but, she feels that it's soli…
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RT @AlaaSaif261: I wonder how a stranger takes your heart part by part ♥️, fills your soul with peace 🍃 and your eyes with this warm…
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@villainmorris I feel like the booty swaying in space leggings would cancel out though 😏
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James Gadson@Billboard Live I want to thank all of our fans and friends at the billboard live for supporting us. W…
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So for those of you who have never felt quite at home on Earth, and have been reaching up and out to the stars for…
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@Saphykitten I feel ya dude. Happens to me sometimes, I think it makes it easier to understand why they do it. Mayb…
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RT @MalditangMayora: Maybe I don't cry, but it hurts. Maybe I won't say, but I feel. Maybe I don't show, but I care.
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RT @ryleighdenise: i swear there’s no better feeling than when ur standing in the sunshine and u can feel the warmth on ur body
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RT @Quadeca: I knew it was love when I knew I’d feel lost if I ever lost you
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I feel like the advice has been wildly contradictory lately? Maybe it’s just early Spring confusion. Maybe it’s me…
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RT @Ayeshayy1: Sometimes, in the darkness, you don't see the light. You feel it.💫💫
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por fuera soy un roble, pero por dentro soy esta morra cuando dice "life is better without shoes" o "I feel better?"
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RT @ohteenquotes: The worst feeling is when you feel like you’re annoying the only person you wanna talk to.
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I’m just glad it is #MarchMadness so I don’t have to watch them the rest of the season. I really feel bad for Kemba
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RT @RealJamesWoods: You can’t beat them, Tom. When corrupt people feel no shame, they are unstoppable. #Democrats are shameless. They’v…
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