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RT @SenGillibrand: John Bush’s hostility to the LGBTQ community and extreme views on women's rights make him completely unfit to serve…
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RT @rachelwalexande: @BlondeinKevlar "no currently accepted medical use" except we have a federal contract to grow it for research
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@RealTradGuy @TradPost9002 @GolfNorman federal bureau of thottery. the thot crime police
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Federal Scientist Pens Op-Ed: Trump Administration 'Chooses Silence Over Science'
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RT @chuckwoolery: Disgrace:UC Berkeley Blocks Another Conservative Speaker, Congress Should Threaten Federal Funding via @chuckwoolery
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RT @GustavoBruzone: El Lear Jet de Lazaro Baez ya es de la POLICÍA FEDERAL ARGENTINA.
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RT @ERIKCAMACHOTV: Tiroteo, cae capo, vehículos incendiados, bloqueos, operativo federal... Aquí en la CDMX donde "no hay cárteles"...…
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sério girls generation melhor single eu vou me formar na federal ao som desse hino
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If you're looking for work in #Plymouth, MI, check out this #job: #ProductMgmt #Hiring #CareerArc
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Coluna Giro diz que sem obras, ação e discurso, oposição patina no Entorno do Distrito Federal
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RT @MaxBoot: .@benjaminwittes sums up Trump's chilling NYT interview.
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RT @ericgeller: Can you IMAGINE the cable news coverage of federal marshals showing up at Trump tower to serve a subpoena to Don Jr.
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RT @omustafarypae: Os 18 anos deveriam vir com um kit com habilitação, carro, faculdade federal, emprego etc
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RT @lau_rice: Lawsuit against Mohamed Noor was moved to federal court July 14th, the day b4 he killed #JustineDamond (Henn Co. Case No. 27-CV-17-10747)
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RT @marcushjohnson: Which one of Hillary Clinton's opponents in the Presidential race isn't part of a federal investigation now? Amazing isn't it?
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RT @ColMorrisDavis: In first 6 months @realDonaldTrump tweeted 991 times and nominated 405 people for federal posts for a 2.45 to 1 twe…
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The Fed’s plan to shrink its $4.5 trillion balance sheet leaves open 2 crucial issues
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RT @SenGillibrand: John Bush’s hostility to the LGBTQ community and extreme views on women's rights make him completely unfit to serve…
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RT @elonmusk: If you want this to happen fast, please let your local & federal elected representatives know. Makes a big difference if they hear from you.
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@johnbrummett Quit your whining. This is still a republic democracy. I don't think the state of Arkansas, or any…
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