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RT @Naw1949Webb: Never roll the dice mitch; let them shake and blow hot and cold on them. Never see the other side for fear of los…
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Do you ever want to make something but the crippling fear that it could possibly suck totally drains all the inspir…
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@OmobobolaSosa I miss the days men go to war, capture women and use them as sex slaves, put a rifle in her pussy an…
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RT @thecaravanindia: Replug | “Ambedkar says it more than once, that in order to be a thinker, the first thing you have to do is to give…
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RT @vidsbey1: I fear this is Beyoncé’s only live performance of 2022
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@david_r_morgan He would never walk past me and not take one on the chin. That is how we all need to be. These people need to live in fear
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@respect65 They're hyping it up. There always has to be something to fear. Lots of people at work worried about 'su…
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RT @1carolinagirl: “There’s something in fear, something it can smell.” Jeepers Creepers (2001)🦇🎬
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@mcat96 a slay i fear!!
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@tfy1958 No fear b'y,64 is a beginning,at 64 I was still a year from retirement, last 5 sure went fast tho.
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Banned from schools, Afghan girls fear for their future
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RT @PlayMaestroGame: That is the spirit! But you must assert dominance. Lower your shoulders and spread those arms: the orchestra can sm…
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RT @JackHaruk: I think my issue with modern day politics is that MP's have no accountability. They can say or do contemptible or d…
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RT @johnpavlovitz: When you continually label queer people as predators, declare drag shows societal threats, intentionally target tra…
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@bjeansonne @toughtalkty ...yes, a political opponent, that can rig the election and NEVER BE CAUGHT is some oppone…
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RT @flick_zw: Fear Women😢‼️
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RT @flynanced: The sooner you let go of your fear of rejection, the sooner you’ll be making the money you want.
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RT @GitaShlokas: "Fear not. What is not real never was and never will be. What is real always was and cannot be destroyed."…
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RT @AlinejadMasih: For 43 years, these clerics spread fear within society. These days, clerics themselves are fearful of society. A…
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RT @chymaker: The fear of @innosonvehicles is the beginning of wisdom. Phone stolen 😂😂😂😂
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