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RT @berry_mcinga: You become a top FBI Agent,Private Investigator and a member of a Secret Task Force. You then do your job-INVESTIG…
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Io non dico per vantarmi ma sono stato ufficialmente dichiarato mentecatto dallo @FBI e anche dalla cassiera dello…
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RT @Stump4TrumpPAC: FBI Informant in Clinton Uranium One Bribery Case has Video of Briefcases Full of Money...
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RT @Mendako_zero: ただの留学生は ただのFBI捜査官になり、 ただの潜入捜査官になり、 ただの大学院生になり、 ただのFBI捜査官に戻って、 ただの降谷零の恋人になって、 降谷零をただのしあわせな男にしてくれるんだ……。
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RT @HouseCracka: I think the FBI informant who is going to spill the beans on Uranium One will mysteriously die before he testifies…
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@FBI_al7rbi والله من صججي😂😂ابج انا بالليل النظاره ع راسي
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Rep. Karen Bass, who pressed Sessions on black "extremist" label, wants FBI report trashed
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RT @AllenWestRepub: Jeff Sessions’ DOJ leaked the name of the FBI informant in the Clinton Uranium One bribery case and now he is in...
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RT @CNN: Hate crimes in the United States have increased to a point not seen in recent history, according to a new statistic…
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RT @elizabethforma: The DNC shouldn't play favorites. But that's a whole lot different from illegally conspiring with Russia. The FBI knows the difference.
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RT @kanamuraren007: 【緋色組】海水浴に来てはしゃぐFBI&公安とついていけないコナン君
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RT @elizabethforma: Slurs, lies & trash talk won’t stop the FBI from doing its job. This isn't a dictatorship. It's our democracy. And it's stronger than you.
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RT @TrumpSuperPAC: HA HA HA HA HA it’s funny because nobody believes Russians interfered in the 2016 US election, except deranged Demo…
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RT @voxdotcom: Jewish and Muslim people were the two most common targets of religion-based hate crimes in 2016
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‘Collusion Delusion’: Russian FBI Undercover Informant Will Testify Before Congress on Uranium ... #Russia
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