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RT @kunle_kenny: When you see fellow Nigerians suffering and looking dejected, does it break your heart? Or do you just close your e…
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RT @marzipanartisan: The perfect little gift .... A marzipan sweet filled favour box cracker #marzipan #mhhsbd #favours #crackerbox
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@HighlandsPete @GrahamWard000 @MichaeICoIlins @OrfhlaithBegley Except they tend to favour Scexit, the inconsistent loons.
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RT @MelissaMbarki: I like Blanchet... Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet reminded the House that the Trudeau Liberals are t…
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@tongariboshis who dies). It’s really brilliant and underrated. Being a weekly too, each chapter is a zippy twenty…
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RT @GemsOfKCR: Barbarious.!! Atrocious.!!! BRS karyakartas, Telangana minister, Puvvada Ajay's men att@cking a man named Cheekati…
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RT @TheSomadina: May the new fuel price favour me and my family 🙏
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@MatsangaDr More grace and God favour to run the race keep the good sir.
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RT @probpatterns: ✉️ LETTER OF RESIGNATION OUT JUNE 7TH ✉️ We are so excited to announce the second single from our debut album com…
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RT @_Junktime: @NoCeilingsNBA are the best in the business, do yourself a favour and indulge in upside galore
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@frans_bongani Amen 🙏 Hallelujah I’m redeemed by His grace my life received divine favour and total breakthroughs in all areas
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@RiskForRewards I agree but the stats favour wide draws in the oaks in recent years, funnily enough
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RT @Zainab_Mide: As you set your feet out today @sheggzolu let everything be in your favour..May every words you speak today be in y…
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@softwarnet Truly leadership with Chinese characteristics. The dictators of old at least tried to gain the people’s…
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RT @DavidHundeyin: I'm bored of saying it, but any Yoruba person reading this should please remember that there will still be life aft…
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RT @pmln_org: Lahore has given its verdict in favour of the man of words who made Pakistan a Nuclear Power 25 years ago! The Ch…
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@FutbolSW6 I'm tired of all these "havertz should playing his natural position" like when lampard bought him, lampa…
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RT @EmirSirdam: Every past election season after we voted in a useless leader or when criminals steal our votes. You see stupid p…
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