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RT @ShanePaulNeil: My town has announced that in light of yesterday's tragedy there will be an increased police presence at the school…
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RT @Amana_Ansari: However, the liberals of India are more concerned about the media covering how her father rejected such patriarchal…
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RT @SatDownSouth: Father’s Day is coming up Bama fans, make sure to give Texas A&M a special day
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@GbengaWemimo If you are a believer, and you have not yet received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Please pray that G…
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RT @LiraForCongress: My Texas district experienced a terrible tragedy this week and @TonyGonzales4TX is dodging questions on solutions.…
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@AnoneySnufftan @TheKevstermania Yes but they gave Knuckles a Father anyway
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RT @Liz_Wheeler: Absent father. Mother addicted to drugs. Sent to live with grandmother. Loner. Isolated by lockdowns. Aggressive. F…
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@father_k10 รัก พ่อ
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RT @luzsrealm: // TOH SPOILERS hunter and darius are father and son forever idk what to say
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RT @Yellow_sticker: Yesterday we heard Bright said "Sawadee KhunPor/Father" And Mama Ole said "Bright, come here take photo with A-ma (…
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@snowwolfez Feel tired, after helping my father and my friends my body feel destroy 😅
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RT @djarinsoka: father and daughter asking the same thing to obi wan 😭😭
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RT @labanya_nej: For P-1.her father is enough for torturing her 2.father's 2nd wife, son 3.Neeraj 3.Maitri(kind of) 4.her manipulati…
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EMILY SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET THAT MAN BE THE DAMN DADDY #90DayFiance bitches always want to be served black dick…
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"😡😡ano ba!👿 pwede ba mamaya na🤬🤬🔪🔪 sorry camera😊🥺🥺 ...our father who art in heaven 🙏🙏"
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RT @TaroAhmad: A young woman with a history of head trauma walked in today with her father-in-law at the clinic I'm working in. Sh…
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As a child my biggest fear was to become like my bio father, so I had very strong morals and a sense of right and w…
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RT @ToddSwoope: Things Republicans blame school shootings on: - Mental Health - Teachers not being armed - Cyber gaming - No fathe…
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@KiyGonJin If I was the father I would just apologize there’s no reasons to give nothing to say I can’t defend that ever
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