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RT @supertanskiii: I didn’t think it was possible for Raab to sink any lower. What a car crash. He’s lying and humiliating himself f…
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RT @Elkrosmediahub: E good sey una dey show una true colors sha. Thankfully, whether you support PDP, APC or LP, so far you are a fello…
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@manekinekko Love that he's driving on the chair to fix the problem(s) - not far from real life at all.
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RT @setoacnna: Mumsnet are actually upset about this. It appears JKR has finally gone too far by insulting the Isle of Man. The ir…
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I hope all of y'all had a good weekend, and maybe reflected a bit upon the founders. The absolute hell they went th…
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RT @espiers: I grew up in a culture that believes this sort of thing and is maybe the most powerful electoral constituency on th…
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RT @Markedw: Lobb far from convincing that he will be at Freo after next year.
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#jeremyvine Far right, far left, you're both the same, kev
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RT @NedisaBandito: 9th? Submission for @creativeallies poster contest! This is so far my favorite poster I’ve made. #twentyonepilots…
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@Sabbandkardo Similarly as far when other provinces are unhappy for average rate of electricity, then Punjab should…
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RT @zuwerah_: Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is an integral part of the Afrobeats evolution. He started getting featured on Afro-pop tracks…
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RT @JenniferDarli20: My Great nephew age 8 who was shot twice in Highland Park mass shooting is in Critical condition after 2 surgeries so far.
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RT @Mizzimie: Best day so far #VSHOJOATAX #AnimeExpo2022
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RT @DeanJamesAFC: 🚨 || Lisandro Martínez met with Ajax yesterday, to reiterate his desire to move to the Premier League. So far neith…
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Too far? Online courses are available or purchase my new book “Leadership - Keeping it Simple” on sale now!…
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@convomf chizu redvelvet enk tp kemanisan bgt tp so far enk si
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@masterReborn69 @losblancos2305 As far as I know, that was a part of cricket history only
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@Obaoyefin With all Putin has done so far, if he eventually wins this war, I will forever respect him. I stan for…
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RT @joelycett: I was very honoured to have been asked to voice this advert. It’s my birthday today. The perfect gift for me woul…
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RT @MimiSchmoo: @IVoteDoU Please share far and wide
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