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RT @2pmleejunho06: Not Netflix SG fangirling on these two😂 Where can I sign up as a part time in Netflix SG to do #KingtheLand promo?…
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RT @irispardom: Put this pic on my grave and print one buried with me.
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RT @numjin9: these ladies fangirling over yuri's beauty is such a mood lmaooo #유리 #권유리 #YURI #KwonYuri
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RT @JesnCin: to heck with it, thread of my superman goofs comics ✨🤧
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I was/am fangirling for someone who isn’t younger or a million years older than me. Nay, my PEER group. Why is this…
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RT @TubularTigerbee: One more Sylva Selfie! Got one with Mr. Bubblez and CK9C! (And SOMEONE was fangirling in the background lol)
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bukan akun khusus fangirling, emang renjun bagian hidupku aja🦊
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I got to play with someone I've admired for a while! I've run into others who have big followings, and gotten not e…
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@ffxiv_bee AHHH np dnt mind me fangirling over how pretty she is 🥺🤍
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im just freaking out and fangirling over all the stuff im seeing on across the spiderverse and i havent even seen…
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Anger aside from HoLLyWoOd, I haven’t seen Across the Spiderverse yet (yeah yeah calm down, we busy out here and I…
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@milouyu Maaf .tapi mereka bukan army .mereka hanya segelintir orang idiot di tiktok yang mudah terbawa arus keboho…
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it's not true friendship unless this is how you be when fangirling together
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RT @ninaninaroha: 빈아! 🌕 When I first became a baby roha, I had no idea what fangirling entailed. I thought it was insane that people…
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I am going to quote this!! Cause I do remember I catch up with Englot recent out of MGT. I came from another fandom…
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jodys been fangirling over ed sheeran for about 20 minutes now
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