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this feels like knowing i’m gonna lose my bestest friend that i depend on and losing communication with them like n…
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RT @JoonieBear7: Best night of my life.. u killed me and I’m still dead #hwiyoung @SF9official #SF9inNY #SF9LiveTourUnlimited…
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me thinking about all the monbebes who post fancafes for us
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RT @kangchanis: OMG so i told rowoon my name is robyn and he was like im ro and you are ro so we are roro!! and gave me a fist bump YOU GUYS #SF9inNY
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Eu só queria poder participar desses fancafes....
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yall trying to figure out the chat room passwords when i’m still confused over how tf the fancafes work lol
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RT @Spain_Kpop_: [#INFO] 170402 Ranking de fancafés de grupos femeninos 1 #SNSD (#IU) 2 #Apink 3 #Mamamoo 4 #Twice 5 #GirlsDay 6…
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@whitney_army @justlikejayz @singyuIarity bts do promotions on music shows, do fanmeets during promotion period, ha…
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can someone tell me what this little red mark with the ‘n’ means in fancafes
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RT @SF9official: 퐈이팅~.~ #SF9 #CHANI
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RT @twinkyystar: Rowoon is raised in a loving family he’s a maknae in his family so he said he used to do aegyo & still gives kisses…
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@HamHamKi_KH awe you're so luckyyyy! i'm happy for youu! i can't even understand a single thing in fancafes, i trie…
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okay i downloaded daum and i'm joining a ton of fancafes, why does nu'ests have a special requirement, when i trans…
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U know what i'm not anymore jealous of karmys because it's understandable that they born and live in korea so they…
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@onlychanhee English isnt my first language either but i think your work doesnt awkward at all !! And on video i am…
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how do i join fancafes Huhuhu please help me
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@outrokhj fancafes scare me i refuse to ever join one
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i honestly don't have the knowledge (in korean) and the fondness in signing up in fancafes but for ab6ix!!!!!!!! im…
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it’s not fancafes fault i’m dumb and don’t know how to work it
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[ATTENTION] ok fellas a TIP if you have to reset your phone, check all your in-app settings to they might got reset…
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