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RT @PatriotZo: Folks they are in Panic just watch the fake news . We have never seen the curtains pulled back like right now . Be…
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I feel like when Americans want to make fun of someone they often do a fake British accent, and when British people…
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RT @BeingSaThug: Fake news போட்டப்ப கூட தைரியமா சுத்திட்டிருந்தான், ஸ்ரீனி மேல கை வச்சான் பழசெல்லாம் தோண்டி எடுத்து அடிச்ச அடில பூட்ட போட்டுட்டு ஓடிட்டான்
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RT @MaiiraViiegas: Agora entendo pq os veio adora compartilhar fake news estou dando gostosas risadas
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(˶´∇`˶)♪нёllо*☆* とうとう雨が…気温が下がる一方だわ 風邪ひかないように気をつけてね。 今日の夜はあったかいものが食べたくなる。 午後も頑張ろう(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
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@rodrigovalesco @xmaicow cabacinho, se fosse o lula, ele q já tá sendo pressionado por FAKE NEWS de ser satanista v…
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RT @rskuntowiyoga: disorot media internasional: operator mundur ❎ regulator mundur ❎ kapolda mundur ❎ cari bekas botol miras ✅ rekama…
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@TexasAustyn Those aren’t real people. Don’t sweat it, they were fake accounts and bots and Twitter is just cleanin…
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RT @Jesse_Brenneman: This has accelerated my fake plan that will never happen by at least 3-5 years.
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@amenahuruemu @Naija_PR Fake pastor of doom God will punish you
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RT @rafaelbboa: 2 dias após eleições e esquerda já despeja nas redes um TSUNAMI de Fake News. Eles sabem, bateram no TOPO de votos…
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RT @BeSumbodyUrLUVE: Bubbles had a tough life • There's frogs, croaking around. • There's jebbs stans, barking everyday as if their shi…
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RT @mahagess: vamo la primeira fake news bolsonaro trabalha 2h por dia ah vdd isso eh TRUE NEWS presidente vagabundo
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RT @Cernovich: Women are being murdered in Iran and yet the same folks who freaked out over Andrew Tate are silent. Make it make s…
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RT @KeyGLOCK: I been mad at da world every since bro died.. every smile I had been fake af
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RT @zoo_bear: This guy puts out fake news, Later deletes his tweets after @TheKeralaPolice's tweet, Blames News channels for misl…
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RT @larissakethyy: A maior fake news desse ano foi eu achando que ia dá certo no amor kkkkk
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RT @AmyLynnStL: Fake Christians like Joel Osteen want your money so they can buy expensive cars and private jets. Their God is the…
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RT @RonRon78661984: 制服も選べる時代 もしも願いが叶うなら 可愛くて クラシカルな お嬢様風な制服を着たい✨ かっちりネクタイ パフスリーブ 後ろリボン どこからみても可愛いシルエット フェイクな ショートジャケットは ちょっぴり遊び心 こん…
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@si69043785 @dr_zarri Amiga este perfil é fake, certamente!
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